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25 of the Best Kindle Unlimited Romances of 2022 That Await You

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Silvana Reyes Lopez

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Silvana Reyes is a Mexican book blogger. She enjoys all types of sub-genres, but loves a good love story. Romance fiction is her heart and joy and you might find her screaming about book releases on her Twitter account.

Wanna save some money? Get Kindle Unlimited. Amazon has a huge library of books that you can borrow with just one click. It ranges from thrillers to romance books, so there’s something for everyone. For this post, the focus is on romance books specifically. These are 25 of the best Kindle Unlimited romances 2022 has to offer.

Kindle Unlimited is a good tool whenever you want to try new authors you haven’t read before. Most of the time books are expensive, I get it! And you have other things you need to buy during the month. But you still want to have a fun, steamy romance at the end of the day when you’re ready for bed. Kindle Unlimited can help you with that. They have a wide selection of romance books, from fated mates romances to dark, mafia romances, you can get anything you wish. The only thing you need to do is to look.

But if you’re too lazy or don’t have any time on your hands to do it, I can be the one to help you with that. In this list, you will find the best romance books you can find on Kindle Unlimited right now. They are mostly new or recent releases, so you can have brand new books to choose from. I also wanted to categorize the recommendations, because I know that most of us are mood readers, so we need a little bit of everything because we might not be feeling one particular book, but definitely, the other one could be our favorite!

Best Kindle Unlimited Contemporary Romances

Cover of Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt

Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt

Farley’s dream is about to come true: co-starring in a comedy special with some of her favorite comedians. But before she does, she has to fake date her best friend and manager, Meyer, for good publicity.

Funny Feelings is a swoony, warm love story about bravery and friendship with a side of laughter. Farley, Meyer, and his daughter, Hazel, will quickly make you fall in love with them and their story.

Sweeter Than Honey by Joy Avery

I’m a huge fan of small-town romances, so I had to add a book with this trope somewhere in this list. Sweeter Than Honey will bring warmth to your heart.

Baker Rylee has a recipe for everything…except maybe for love. To ease her mother’s worry, she comes up with the perfect solution: invent a relationship out of thin air! She mentions she’s going out with the only man who has caught her eye: the town sheriff Canten. Soon, this make-believe relationship starts to become too real for both of them.

Meet Me Halfway by Lilian T. James

This book is an emotional journey of motherhood and love. Follow Madison, a young single mother who just moved to a new place with her kid. She wants a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship. Her life is complicated and very busy, so she has no time for love. Even though her next-door neighbor is always there, helping her out when she needs it the most.

Cover of Marriage For One by Ella Maise

Marriage For One by Ella Maise

Marriage For One is an all-time favorite of mine that I have to mention every time I talk about romance books. It’s a marriage of convenience romance between two people who were practically strangers before agreeing to be in a fake relationship. You know, modern love, right? I love it.

Jack and Rose are nothing alike; Jack is a grumpy businessman while Rose’s wish is to open up her coffee shop and sell baked goods. They couldn’t be more different but somehow, this marriage makes sense. And their hearts know it.

Gouda Friends by Cathy Yardley

Gouda Friends will remind you that even if you grow apart from your best friend if they’re a true one, you know that they will be there for you no matter what.

This is the case with Tam and Josh, best friends who haven’t seen each other in five years. But when Tam calls Josh in the middle of the night and gives him the emergency code word, he’s ready to be there for her. Tam returns home to pick up the pieces of her life and put herself back together. With the help of Josh and her friends from back in high school, Tam is ready to tackle on the world once again.

Restore Me by JL Seegars

Now, if you’re looking for an angsty read, Restore Me is the right book to pick. It’s romantic and steamy, but full of angst. Because wouldn’t it be wild to fall in love with your husband’s best friend?

Dominic and Sloane have always been like cats and dogs. They cannot be in the same room without arguing. So, when they have to team up at work to renovate a hotel, they feel like the world is playing a bad card on them. But working so close together makes new, surprising feelings appear. And Sloane doesn’t know what to do, because Dominic is her late husband’s best friend.

Cover of Holidaze by Bella Jay

Holidaze by Bella Jay

It isn’t a complete list if we at least don’t mention a holiday romance. Even though we are far from the winter holidays…Doesn’t matter! A holiday romance is always welcome.

Bella Jay crafts a wonderful story about two people who instantly dislike each other, but have to spend ten hours together inside a car. Nola is decisive about writing her book, even if it means using the guy she’s stuck with as inspiration.

Bohemian by Kathryn Nolan

Bohemian tells the story of two lost souls. Calvin is someone whose life just feels…simple. But he’s okay with that. He loves having an orderly life. When he inherits his grandfather’s old bookstore, he just wants to go and sell it to the highest bidder, and come back to his neat life.

On the other hand, Lucia Bell is one of the most famous supermodels in the world right now. She appears at Calvin’s tiny bookstore to do a photo shoot, and after meeting Calvin, she finds herself instantly intrigued by the shy and quiet bookstore owner.

Twisted Games by Ana Huang

An exciting tale of royalty and forbidden romance is what awaits you when you go through the pages of Twisted Games. Ana Huang delivered a contemporary series about four friends, each falling for someone unexpected.

This time it’s Bridget von Ascheberg’s story that will be told. When you reach the final chapter of the previous book, Twisted Love, you get a little intro to this novel. Huang knows how to grab our attention; we were just salivating for a princess and bodyguard romance, so any detail was welcome. In this book, Bridget and Rhys go through an unexpected forbidden romance, but even though they don’t want to fall for each other, their hearts have minds of their own.

Cover of Mine Would Be You by K. Jamila

Mine Would Be You by K. Jamila

Jamila’s debut novel, Mine Would Be You, intrigued me the moment I first saw what it was about. Then, the cover came out and I was already half in love with it.

In this romance book, we meet Valentina Scott, a cynic for love. After heartbreak, she doesn’t want ever to experience love again. But when rain passes, sunshine appears, and Jackson Ross might just be the one to change her mind.

Let Me In by R.M. Virtues

The Gods of Hunger series is one romance series you have to read at least once in your life. Everything started with Drag Me Up, the story of Hades and Persephone, continuing with Keep Me Close, where we saw Aphrodite and Heph fall in love. Let Me In is the third book in the series and it’s the story of Athena and Dionysos. This series is full of steamy, high-stakes moments, and found family. You won’t be able to put it down.

Two Minute Warning by Alexandra Warren

A sports romance that will leave you wanting so much more after you reach the final page. In Two Minute Warning, Kendall needs redemption after a devastating ending to his first year with the Houston Skyhawks. But after a picture of him and a woman he barely knows goes viral, his mission suddenly changes. Now, he wants to get to know Shakira, the social media influencer and daughter of a well-known sports bettor.

Chef's Kiss Comic Cover

Chef’s Kiss by Jarrett Melendez, Danica Brine, and Hank Jones

Chef’s Kiss is an adorable, mouth-watering (because of the quantity of delicious food inside it!) story about an English graduate named Ben Cook who is looking for a job after graduating college. If you have gone through this in your life, you know how hard it is because everyone somehow is expecting you to have the experience, even though you literally just graduated college.

When Ben finds an ad at a restaurant looking to hire someone with no experience necessary, he takes the chance. It’s only temporary, right?

Best Kindle Unlimited Fantasy Romances of 2022

Cover of Gild by Raven Kennedy

Gild by Raven Kennedy

This is the story of Auren, a young woman who lives in a golden cage, inside a golden castle. When you meet Auren, you see her gilded life in shining colors. She knows that, if she wants to be safe, she has to stay inside those walls. And her protector? None other than King Midas himself, the man who saved her life years ago.

But when Auren has to travel to meet Midas in another kingdom, things start to unravel quickly. The outside world, the secrets, the freedom, Auren is feeling them all. And she doesn’t want to let go.

Even though the first book is more like a prequel, I fully recommend reading it from that first book. You don’t really get a romance until maybe the end of the second book. But from that point on, the romance and the steam are impressive.

Content warnings for violence, rape, grooming, and emotional and physical abuse.

Daughter of No Worlds by Carissa Broadbent

Daughter of No Worlds is an intense, action-packed fantasy romance that introduces Tisaanah, a girl wanting revenge, to us.

After being taken from her homeland at a very young age, the only thing Tisaanah wants is her freedom. When the opportunity arises to take it back, she barely escapes with her life intact. But getting it back means leaving her best friend behind. Desperate to save her best friend, she journeys to the Orders, the most powerful organization of magic Wielders, and agrees to complete an apprenticeship with a reclusive, handsome fire wielder.

That Time I Got Drunk And Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming

Kimberly Lenning’s That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon is the ball of sunshine you need in your life to brighten up your day. With its magnificent humor and smart dialogue, this fantasy romance feels like coming home.

When Cinnamon gets drunk and accidentally saves a demon from an evil witch, she never expects to get involved in his life. But she does. After he is saved, Fallon drags her along to save his other demon friends from the same witch.

Song of the Forever Rains cover

Song of the Forever Rains by E.J. Mellow

But what if you want a dark fantasy romance as well? Worry not, as I have the book for you. Song of the Forever Rains follows Larkyra Bassette, the youngest of three sorceresses. When she sings, she is able to slay monsters.

Larkyra gets the opportunity to have her first solo mission: stop the Duke of Lachlan who is abusing his tenants with a poisonous drug. She finds herself posing as his potential bride, but things grow complicated when feelings start to appear between her and the rightful heir to Lachlan, Lord Darius.

Her Soul for Revenge by Harley Laroux

Horror and romance go hand-in-hand in Harley Laroux’s epic novel.

Juniper has lived a very complicated life. Filled with pain, she returns to her hometown in order to exact revenge on the people responsible for it.

Once upon a time, she made a deal with a demon. But now that demon wants her heart instead of her soul.

A Touch Magical by Sonia Hartl

Want a little bit of Zodiac magic? In A Touch Magical, the gods and goddesses of the Zodiac have gifted their heirs with powerful magic.

Audrey has always believed in the legend of the Zodiac; they gave up their magic in order to save her sinking island. On the other hand, resident billionaire Wes thinks the legend is fantasy and that is only told to draw tourists to the island. But when an earthquake releases the magic that has been binding the curse, everything starts to look real. It will take Audrey and Wes to stop the curse for destroy their town once again.

Best Kindle Unlimited YA Romances

Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun by Jonny Garza Villa

Garza Villa’s novel follows Julián, a gay teen who just wants to graduate and leave his hometown behind. He especially wants to leave his homophobic father and his ideas of manhood. But then, one drunken night, he accidentally outs himself on Twitter, complicating everything he set out to do. Though he’s living the repercussions of his actions, he is happy that he can finally live as himself. One of his supportive friends happens to be a guy he met via Twitter named Mat. And he’s slowly falling for him.

Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms by Crystal Fraiser, Val Wise, and Oscar O. Jupiter

This cute, queer teen romance graphic novel will put a smile on your face from the very first page. Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms tells the story of Annie, a smart but antisocial lesbian, who is just starting her senior year in high school. She’s under pressure to join the cheerleader squad in order to make friends and round out her college applications.

Better than the Movies book cover

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

Liz and Wes are neighbors who are constantly fighting for a parking spot near their houses. They’re, you could say, childhood nemesis. So, it’s clear that Liz has never looked at him in a romantic way. She has romantic comedy fantasies all the time, but Wes is definitely not prince charming material.

But Liz needs his help. Her childhood crush just returned to town and, surprisingly enough, he’s hitting it off with Wes. If she wants to get noticed, she has to start hanging out with him. While spending so much time together, though, Liz discovers that maybe the one she wants has been there all along.

Best Kindle Unlimited Mafia Romances

The Predator by RuNyx

One incredible mafia romance series you have to try if you haven’t yet is the Dark Verse series. It brings romance, but also twists, turns, highs, and lows. Amazing plot with a swoony romance? Sign me up.

The Predator follows genius extraordinaire Morana Vitalio and right-hand man of the Tenebrae Outfit, Tristan Caine. They each are from rival families, so they have never really met. But when a twenty-year-old mystery comes to light once again, Morana chooses to infiltrate Tristan’s house, putting her in his path…and his life.

The story continues in The Reaper, the sequel to this novel. And follows Tristan and Morana once again. But when you reach The Emperor, a new couple is introduced, and it’s the same with the books that follow. The author has said that it is recommended to read this series in order because it has a continuous plot line throughout the series.

The Enforcer by Katrina Jackson

Another fun, action-packed mafia series is The Family series by Katrina Jackson. The Enforcer is the third book but can be read as a standalone. It tells the story of Zoe and Alfonso.

Zoe is on her way to Naples to find her little sister, Zahra. She’s nursing a broken heart after a break-up as well. Meeting Alfonso, a mafia bodyguard, was never in her plans, but when she gets caught in his life, they start to fall for each other.

Cover of The Bastard's Betrayal by Katee Robert

The Bastard’s Betrayal by Katee Robert

Katee Robert decided to continue her O’Malley series with a new spin-off series and we are all so very thankful. The Bastard’s Betrayal introduces Dmitri Romanov’s daughter, Rose Romanov. She has decided to tell her boyfriend she loves him, but before she does, her parents call her to have a little chat. What they tell her is that the man who happens to be her boyfriend is lying to her, making her believe his name is Jackson. When in reality, he is none other than Dante Verducci, her enemy.

Rose, betrayed and angry, goes to him and shoots him not once but twice to make him see that she is not someone he can mess around with. She doesn’t know that he has been in love with her all along.

Book Riot offers you a wide catalog when it comes to Kindle Unlimited recommendations. Get a cup of tea and be ready to one-click some amazing romance books while you’re scrolling through the Best Kindle Unlimited Romance Books of 2020 and 50 of the Best Kindle Unlimited Books of 2021.