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Spooky and Snuggly: The Best Horror Hoodies for Halloween Nights

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Autumn has certainly arrived – the weather is turning cold, the nights are getting longer, and it’s the perfect time of year to curl up in your favourite chair with a spooky book. And if you start to feel chilly, there are plenty of warm hoodies based on horror books (or films based on books) available to complete your Halloween wardrobe. Here are some of the best horror hoodies!

Manga fans can show their love for one of the genre’s creepiest horror series, Uzumaki, in this lightweight hoodie ($34.85 from Redbubble). With its spectacularly disturbing artwork, it’s a great addition to your horror hoodie collection.

Coffee lovers will enjoy this hoodie with a little twist on one of the defining novels of the horror genre, Dracula. Grab yourself a cup, crack open Bram Stoker’s finest (seriously, best to avoid The Lair of the White Worm), and snuggle up in this quirky design ($43.23 from Redbubble).

Prefer a more modern take on your Dracula story? This hoodie ($43.23 from Redbubble) featuring Alucard from Hellsing is another great pick for manga and horror fans.

Want to pay homage to the woman who wrote a classic horror novel while also casually inventing the sci-fi genre? Then this hoodie featuring Mary Shelley ($39.90 from Redbubble) is the perfect choice. Bonus giggles for pun lovers.

A subtle nod to Shelley’s most famous work, Frankenstein, this is a hoodie you can wear all year round ($41.56 from Redbubble). You might have to answer a few well-meaning questions about what Ingolstadt was like, but this one’s a great way to recognise other classic horror readers.

The Ring novels inspired one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen (thanks, night terrors), and this hoodie featuring the supernatural Sadako ($34.85 from Redbubble) is bringing back all the creepy memories. The design is simple, but eerily effective – a great choice for Halloween night.

Both the original novel and the film adaptation of The Exorcist were a global sensation, sparking a fascination for demons and the struggle for the soul that many other subsequent books and films have copied. This hoodie invokes both, and is a delightfully sinister choice for Halloween ($39.90 from Redbubble).

Referencing one of Stephen King’s best-known novels, The Shining, and the iconic film of the same name, this Overlook Hotel hoodie ($33.95 from Redbubble) is another excellent choice for horror fans. Just stay out of Room 217.

I Know What You Did Last Summer is a horror classic for older millennials like myself, but the book it was based on is less well-known (and involves much less slashing). This striking hoodie ($36.00 from Etsy) will keep you warm now summer’s over.

If you’re stuck for a quick Halloween costume, this Frankenstein’s monster hoodie ($65.00 from Etsy) is the perfect choice (and can easily double as a zombie outfit). The bright green will make you stand out, especially if you add some face paint and neck bolts to give it your best Boris Karloff.

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