The Ultimate List Of The Best Harry Potter T-Shirts

Whenever I try to find any Harry Potter themed merchandise, I immediately feel overwhelmed. Two hours later, I’ve got about 20 tabs open on my computer and I’m no closer to finding my dream item, or, rather, making a purchase. They’re all my dream items! I hope I’ve made it a little easier for anyone hunting down the perfect Harry Potter tee with these 36 awesome Harry Potter t-shirts. I tried to find unique t-shirts for every kind of style—from feminist to simple to artsy—and for every size, from toddler tees to adult.

Quotes And Word Magic Tees

Can confirm. Book Riot, $28

Books turn muggles into reader

I’m there already. Book Riot by Out of Print, $28

When in Doubt, Go to the Library Tee

SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE BACK. Look Human, $18.99

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I Solemnly Swear that I Will Smash the Patriarchy Tee

Poetic. Etsy, $18+

Harry Potter titles tee

Sniffle. Etsy, $25.50+

Always Harry Potter tee

Yes, I do love this tee. Etsy, $15.99

Love Harry Potter tee

Check. Etsy, $31.95

Harry Potter always remember to turn on the light tee

Neat. TeePublic, $14

Harry Potter complete spells tee

Character Tees

HARD YES. Etsy, $21.95

Granger and McGonagall 2020 Harry Potter Tee

Channel your inner Bellatrix the next time some dude tells you to smile. Etsy, $18.99+

Resting witch face harry potter tee

One dragon, please. TeePublic, $20

Hagrid's Home for Magical Creatures Tee

Hiss. Amazon, $10.99-$14.99

Crookshanks tee

Classic and classy. Amazon, $16.98

Harry Potter silhouette tee

Crossover alert! TeePublic, $14

Curious George and Fred tee

Snicker. Zazzle, $31.65

Professor Snape cartoon character tee

House Tees

I love that these include the house motto! Etsy, $25+

Harry Potter House Tees with house animal and motto

Cool, but that price. Harry Potter Shop, $50.96

Custom Harry Potter House quidditch jersey

It’s reversible! Hot Topic, $28.90-$32.90

Slytherin Tee

Hufflepuff | Gryffindor | Sorry, Ravenclaws, for some reason you’re left out.

I’m not a Hufflepuff, but I still want this shirt. Look Human, $18.99

Everyday I'm Huffle-Pufflin Tee

I love this design. Look Human, $18.99

Ravenclaw motto tee

Gryffindor | Slytherin | Hufflepuff

Place Tees

Did you know you can visit Platform 9 3/4 at Victoria Station? Can you tell I’m a Ravenclaw? (Or a Gryffindor, depends on the day.) The Harry Potter Shop, £20.

Hogwarts express tee

It my house. The Harry Potter Shop, £20

Hogwarts tee

Gulp. Amazon, $16.99-$18.99

The three broomsticks tee

You think they could magic that cauldron so it wouldn’t leak. Etsy, $22+

Leaky Cauldron tee

Other Image Tees

Tees for all the books available. Book Riot, $28

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Tee

Ooo, pretty. Hot Topic, $28,90-$34.90, Regular and Plus Size

Expecto Patronum Panel Tee

Nice design. Etsy, $21

Harry Pottr dementor patronus tee

Which hair do you like the best? Etsy, $23.54+

Harry Potter #wizardgoals tee

Kid And Toddler Tees

If you have a toddler that likes to seek minutiae hidden in the carpet. Target, $7.99

Harry Potter Toddler T-shirt from Target

For the toddlers that manage to make your entire house look like an army’s marched through in 5 minutes or less. Target, $7.99

Dumbledore's Army Toddler Tee

The true protagonist. Target, $7.99

Hermione toddler tee

All these images imprinted on my heart. Amazon, $17.99

Harry Potter Icons Tee for Kids

M’s my fav. TeePublic $18

ABCs of Harry Potter Kids Tee

Of course you do. Etsy, $22.00

I solemnly swear kids tee

This is so adorable! Zazzle, $15.80

Luna Lovegood Kids tee

These may be my favorite house shirts. Zazzle, $15.80-$17.90

Slytherin kids tee

Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin

Which tee is your favorite?

Looking for something warmer? Check out this roundup of Harry Potter sweatshirts. If you’re looking for something completely different to scratch your Harry Potter itch, Book Riot has lots of options!


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