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16 Best Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

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With the holidays coming up, it can be a challenge to find the best gifts for comic book lovers that make their hearts go kablam. If you are looking for something besides comic books, I’ve put together some great items that might work well for the comic book fan in your life. The gift list is a combination of comic book movie franchises as well as independent comics and generic comic book items.


Black Widow Jacket

Black and red Jacket with gold cuffs. Black Widow logo on the left chest.

While the Black Widow movie has been pushed back to next year, we can still get excited for it with this great Black Widow jacket. It’s faux leather with a high collar that will make you look and feel fashionable and dangerous. Your comic book fan can wear it to the movie opening next year.

Spider-Man Cufflinks

Red and black spiderman facemask on cufflinks

These Spider-Man Cufflinks are a great addition to the dapper looking people in your life. Just a touch of red on the cuff will bring a smile to a Spider-Man fan’s heart.

Batman Denim Jacket 

Back of a denim jacket. At the shoulders, it says Gotham City. The back has an image of Batman's face in Blue

For comic book fans who veer to the DC Universe, this denim jacket is great for fans of Batman. Specifically, it’s a nod to the beloved Batman the Animated Series

Harley Quinn Sweatshirt

Black hoodie with Harley Quinn in her pink sports bra, yellow overalls and hammer behind her shoulders. It says Fantobulous overhead in pink, green and yellow.

It’s hard to believe that Birds of Prey came out earlier this year. But this hoodie is guaranteed to make a Harley Quinn fan fantabulous. Bonus: it’s got pockets to carry hair ties.

Black Panther Pajamas

Blank Panther Pajamas

Can’t forget the young comic book fans. Here are some great Black Panther two-piece pajamas for all genders who want to feel like they are defending Wakanda and the fate of the universe. #WakandaForever #ChadwickBosemanForever Plus they are 100% cotton so extra comfort.


Custom Speech Bubble Earrings

Speech bubble earrings with the word "custom" inside

If you aren’t sure what their preferred franchise is, check out these custom speech balloon earrings. Most comic books have speech bubbles for dialogue. This vendor has an option to customize the earrings (limited to one word apiece). They also have other options like “Yes,” “No,” etc.

Wonder Woman Umbrella

Open umbrella in red, blue and gold. The handle is a sword with wings.

Due to the virus, Wonder Woman fans had to take a rain check on the movie but this Wonder Women Sword Umbrella will help with the wait. The umbrella looks pretty awesome when its closed as well as when it’s open.


Edward Gorey Stemless Wine Glasses

Four stemless wine glasses with a word for cheers on each glass in different languages accompanied by mischievous cats.

Some comic book fans favor the macabre and cats. These stemless Edward Gorey wineglasses feature his beloved cat figures as well as different sayings for Cheers on all four glasses. Toast to his spooky vision of the world.

Spy v. Spy Mug

Black and white spy alternating, looking through binoculars.

For old school comic fans, here’s an awesome mug of Spy v. Spy, by former Cuban cartoonist Antonio Prohías in Mad Magazine. The mug is also dishwasher and microwavable safe.


Saga Ghüs Plush Doll

White seal with legs in yellow overalls and grey and brown boots.

This plush doll of Ghüs will make fans of Fiona Staples and Brian Vaughn’s Saga’s heart scream. Imagine snuggling up with this sweet creature in these yellow overalls.

Twig Plush

A white deer fox.

Fans of Luke Pearson’s Hilda will be delighted to find Twig, the deer fox for the Holiday Season. Perhaps there will be some adventures in the woods with Twig in the near future.

Funko Pop

Allison from the Umbrella Academy with a black jacket, blue skirt, black shoes. She's leaning on a black umbrella

Funko Pops are boxy figurines that come in many franchises so there’s a diversity of figures to choose from, including both Marvel and DC Universes, Disney, Saga, Walking Dead, and more. Here’s Allison from the Umbrella Academy. You can get them at many retailers including Target and even Walgreens.


Comic Book Display Case

A black frame containing an image of a comic book

Sized for (6-3/4″ x 10-⅜”) comics, this is a great way for a fan to showcase a favorite comic book, or one that has been signed by the artist or writer. Putting art into frames, including comic books, is really underappreciated.

Original Art

A page from Harrow County

If you are looking for a big ticket item for fans of Harrow County, a beautiful horror comic, check out Tyler Crook’s original art that is for sale for a pretty penny. This is a unique gift and something to be treasured. Other artist also sell their work so you can try checking out their individual websites. It’s always good to support artists!


Custom Rubber Stamp

Wooden stamp with red handle. On paper it says "Lucas" in a speech bubble burst.

Another idea would be to create a custom stamp with the person’s name or a phrase in a vintage comic book style. Great for making a book plates!

DIY Comic

Red cover with a villian being shot at.

And for those who want to try their hand at making comics, this book of blank comics is a great place to start!

Need more ideas? Check out these other gifts for comic book lovers and this list of graphic novels!