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50+ Amazingly Unique Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

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Trying to find the perfect gift for a book lover can be tricky. After all, the most perfect gift is a book, but which book? Almost as good, however, is some sort of bookish gear, and there are lots of options out there! This list of great gifts for book lovers (that aren’t books) will give you a place to start your shopping. And don’t forget that TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations, our customizable personalized reading recommendation subscription, is available for gifting!

Great Gifts for Book Lovers That Are Under $10

Paper Fan made from book pages

Book Fan

We love these sweet and easy stocking stuffers.

Empowering Bookmarks

Find even more beautiful bookmarks at this Etsy store.

Trio of badges: One reading "Just one more chapter", One with an open book, and one with a closed book with a heart on it

Book Lover Badges 

These three 1-inch pins are an easy way to wear your book love on your chest. Or check out our book enamel pin post for more possibilities.

Set of five solid black pencils with bookish phrases in silver

Book Lover Pencils 

Treat Yo’ Shelf to these sleek black pencils with slogans about the love of books.

Laptop with decal in black lettering that reads "Bookish AF"

Bookish AF Decal 

This Bookish AF sticker may remind book lovers to get off the laptop and back to their first love.

Great GiftS for Organizing Books

Personal library kits: Box of library checkout cards and date stamp

Personal Library Kit 

This personal library kit comes complete with checkout cards and a date stamp for keeping track of any books you lend.

Ex Libris book plate with owners' name and image of a woman

Personalized Book Plate

Another way to add a personal touch to your personal library.

Wooden bookend with engraved name and vase for flowers

Personalized Bookends

Keep books in place and looking lovely with a personalized oak bookend with a built in vase. But if these bookends aren’t quite right, the Book Riot archives offer many more possibilities, from dragons to pineapples.

Great Reading Aids for Book Lovers

Wooden ring on a reader's finger, holding book open

Wooden page spreader

This little tool can help readers hold books open with one hand. Find even more handy thumb book holders here!

Three wire bookmarks shaped to form names

Custom Wire Bookmarks

Every reader needs bookmarks, lots of them, so why not a custom bookmark? Or visit the Book Riot archives for leather bookmarks, metal bookmarks, and more.

Read pillow with book propped open

Book Seat Reading Pillow 

This reading pillow is a great option for hands-free reading. I use mine for reading when folding laundry—it holds the book at just the right angle.

Cover of Book Lover's Journal

The Book Lover’s Journal 

This journal has space for listing books read, books to read next, and books lent out to friends.

Great Wearable Gifts for Book Lovers

Beige necktie that looks like a library card

Library Card Necktie 

This necktie is a fun way to get dressy and bookish.

Woman wearing blue scarf and handwarmers

Love Live Read Hand Warmers and Scarf 

This scarf and matching hand warmers are perfect for staying warm all winter.

A necklace shaped like a tiny open book

Book Locket

This book-shaped necklace can have your own secret message inside.

Slip-on shoes with book print

Book Lover Casual Shoes 

These casual canvas shoes are just one example of the many bookish shoes out there.

T-Shirt with the text of Pride and Prejudice shaped like a picture of a woman by a tree

A Litographs T-Shirt

Get the entire text of a favorite book—Pride and Prejudice, OutlanderThe Count of Monte Cristoand more—on a T-shirt. Litographs also sells posters, scarves, and tote bags. If these T-shirts aren’t quite right, there are many more options.

Great Bags and Accessories for Book Lovers

1984 by George Orwell Tote Bag

A Classic Book Cover Tote Bag

Pick out a tote bag with a vintage book cover (any many other designs) from Out of Print books. (Out of Print also has T-shirts, mugs, and much more.)

A wallet and iPhone case with a bookshelf with cats

Purrrrfect Books Wallet and Phone Case 

Book and cat lovers can keep their phone and cash handy with this fun wallet, adorned with purrrfectly punny book titles.

Blue Umbrella with book spine on the border

Color Changing Bookshelf Umbrella 

When it rains, it pours…books! When this umbrella gets wet, the books around its border appear.

Great Decorative Gifts for Book Lovers

Woman Reading Print

This modern and sensual reader print is gorgeous. Find more book wall art here.

Penguin Not Now I’m Reading Poster 

An important reminder not to disturb a reader immersed in a book.

Ideal Bookshelf Custom Print

Artist Jane Mount will create a custom print of a reader’s favorite books. Ideal Bookshelf also offers pre-made prints, mugs, and shirts with bookshelves of specific book series, genres, and themes.

Wreath made from book pages shaped into roses

Book Wreath

This pretty wreath is a nice adornment for any book lovers’ door (as long as they don’t mind art made from book pages).

Car Seat Covers with book spines printed on them

Library Nook Car Seat Cover 

Book lovers can take their passion on the road with these car seat covers.

Great Drinking Gifts for Book Lovers

Read Books Fight Evil Mug

Read Books Fight Evil Mug 

This elegant mug is just one of many mugs available for book lovers. See our list of bookish mugs for more options.

Silver charms shaped like books, a pen, a typewriter, etc., attached to a wine glass

Book Lover Wine Glass Charms

Book club hosts will find these wine glass charms to be especially handy.

Six shot glasses with quotes and author images

Great Drinkers Shot Glasses

A fun gift for anyone who’s wanted to have a drink with Dorothy Parker or Oscar Wilde.

Square coasters that look like used library checkout cards

Library Card Coasters

Library lovers can protect their furniture with these fun coasters.

Great Edible Gifts for Book Lovers

Bag of Literary Fortune Cookies

Literary Fortune Cookies

Instead of the usual fortunes, these cookies feature quotes from great authors.

6 tea tins shaped like books

Novel Teas and Tea Tins 

Book lovers can enjoy a cup of Oliver Lemon Twist or Don Quixotea, stored in its own special tin from Novel Teas. Choose just one or get a set.

Book cookie cutter with dough and cookie cut out

Bookish Cookies

Make your own cookies or give a cookie cutter to the bookish baker on your list.

Great Fun and Games Gifts for Book Lovers

Book lover Scrabble board and box

Book Lover’s Scrabble

This version of Scrabble is like the regular version, with a few variations, such as the option to use author names.

Book Club Puzzle

Audiobooks and puzzles go perfectly together! See this list of great book puzzles for more options.

Bring Your Own Book game box

Bring Your Own Book Game 

This game asks players to look through their favorite books for the cleverest dating advice, tabloid headlines, and more. Find more literary board games here.

Box of Lit Chat cards

Lit Chat Conversation Starters 

Get a conversation about books and life going with the 100 questions in this deck of Lit Chat cards.

Great Kids’ Gifts for Book Lovers

Baby Bookcase

This whimsical bookcase is a fun addition to a young reader’s room. Find more sweet kids’ book storage ideas here.

Baby Bodysuit For Future Readers

Get this sweet baby bodysuit for the future reader in your life. Literatee also has T-shirts and other gear for adults and kids.

White baby cap with storybook text

Storybook Baby Hat 

A section from Alice in Wonderland adorns this sweet hat for newborns. You can also choose from Black Beauty, Peter Pan, and other classics. Or you can choose a Storiarts scarf, T-shirt, or tote for adults.

Bookish Kids’ Dress

Get your littlest reader all decked out in this adorable dress.

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