10 Of The Best Elephant Bookends to Hold Up Your Books

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Did you know that elephants can’t jump, but they can run 15 miles an hour?

Did you know that elephants can swim and they use their trunk like a snorkel in deep water?

Did you know that baby elephants suck their trunks as a human baby might suck their thumb?

Did you know that elephants are actually avid readers and have been seen in the wild making large stacks of books and holding them up against the elements?

One of those facts is not true! I will let you decide which one, and I’m really going to roll with number four. Elephants are strong and dependable, they have excellent memories. They also have that trunk that can reach the high shelves, as well as their aforementioned penchant for stacking and organizing books. If I were to choose an animal to help me keep my books in order, I cannot think of a better one.

So, since elephants are nature’s librarians, which is something I decided just now, I’ve put together a list of the very best elephant bookends that I could find.

elephant bookends

For those that do not believe me about elephants in the wild organizing their books, here is an artist’s rendering cast in resin and painted gold:

Proof of Librarian Elephants bookends





This is what I am talking about—look at these elephants throwing their whole selves into holding up your books:

Hard-Working Elephant Bookends

Elephants are very literary, yes, but they also like to stay up on the news, as evidenced by these newspaper-reading elephants. (I am honestly not surprised that elephants are print-media types.)

Newsworthy Elephant Bookends



Elephants aren’t just here to hold up your books, though. Some elephants are even in their own book series! (Unfortunately, sometimes they have to share billing, but at least here it is with Piggie.)

Elephant and Piggie bookends

It’s like I always say: more elephants is better elephants. These bronze elephants are lined up on shiny black stairs like they are in a 1940s musical number. All their missing are over-the-top hats.

Big Musical Number Elephant bookends

But if we can’t have hats, at least we can have rhinestones.

Rhinestone Elephant bookends


Elephants are very committed to their role and will do what it takes to get the job done. These vintage brass elephants are foldable! They’ll come with you for all your traveling bookend needs.

Foldable Brass Elephant bookends


These two vintage, hand-carved, wooden elephants do double duty as a bookshelf and adjustable bookends! Just the hardworking elephants we all know and love.

Adjustable Wooden Elephant bookends


Look at the intense concentration on these elephants’s faces. They are like the sphinx from The Neverending Story. They will hold your books up until the end of time and beyond. They will not let some punk kid in a vest through.

Intense Like a Sphinx Elephant bookends


Elephants are family-focused animals. They believe in getting the whole family involved in their work, and these bookends show even the little baby elephants helping out.

Whole Family Elephant Bookends


Elephants are being poached at an alarming rate, and organizations like the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust protect elephants and help to educate the public. Please consider donating to help their work as you shop for these elephant bookends! 

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