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The Best Dungeons and Dragons Accessories For Your Next Campaign

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R. Nassor

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If you’re in search of the best Dungeons and Dragons accessories for your next campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Scrolling the internet for the right gear for your game is half the fun, but I have a great list here to get you started. Break out your D&D wishlist and get ready to add a few more items to it.

Dungeons and Dragons is not the only tabletop role-playing game out there, but it is the one that has captured the hearts and wallets of many, including myself. Ever since D&D started in 1974 with the first printing of the game, generations of players have come to tables everywhere for fun with new and old friends. The base rules are endlessly adaptable and have inspired many non-table-top ventures, from TV shows, to movies, to videogames, and honestly, academic studies. D&D is a game shaped by the players, where collective storytelling, chance mechanics, and digital or physical game materials come together to make the perfect campaign. But we are not here for all that today; we are here for the proverbial loot.

A party can play with anything, really. I started as low-budget as possible: I had a free dice app on my phone and a notebook. However, once D&D got its claws in me, the appeal of D&D accessories was impossible to deny. Dungeons and Dragons accessories contain a large range of potential items. From DIY D&D accessories to DM accessories to D&D map accessories to dice, you can never have too many items for a game. You start with one set of dice and end up with a room dedicated to D&D.

Accessories for your Dice

Strawberry Dice-fast

A photo of a plastic pink and white milk carton that says Dice Box on the front. Left to right the box is staged with egg tarts, granola, an orange, milk, and a plate of blue and pink dice.

This is not a drill, this strawberry milk carton is the cutest little dice box I have ever seen and it can be yours. $14+.

Leather Dice Bag

A photo of a gray leather bag, a light brown leather bag, a dark brown leather bag, and a black leather bag. Each bag has a personalized nameplate and a silver buckle on the front.

A method of dice storage that makes you feel like you are a weathered adventurer on the road. $24+.

Cathedral Dice Tower

A photo of a gray Cathedral Dice Tower with a stained glass window and moss details.

Yes, this tiny cathedral does have fake moss on it, and it will roll your dice too. $70.

DnD Dice Tower Bronze

A photo of a bronze dice tower with a spiral staircase, boxes, and several dice.

You do not see a hand-made 3D printed dice tower with a spiral staircase, a banister, and little barrels in every TTRPG game. I want it yesterday. $55.

Scroll of Rolling

A photo of several leather scrolls held together with leather bands that snap together with silver fastenings.

An excellent, affordable option for a dice rolling try that easily rolls up when you are not playing. The customization choices also make it a great gift. $10+.

Book Effect Dice Box And Roll Tray

Wooden D&D dice box and roll tray that looks like a book

You can put this personalized book on your bookshelf and then grab it when you’re playing your campaign. Need I say more? $41.65.

Dungeons and Dragons Class Dice Holder Coaster

A photo of two wooden coasters with a string instrument and two roses engraved on them as well as a rectangular cavity for six green dice. a full drinking glass is on top of the bottom right coster.

Have you ever wanted something that held your beverage of choice and a dice set? Well, gosh, I have great news for you. $15+.

Adorable Dice Guardian Dragon Figurines!!!

A photo of a small purple, blue, and silver dragon crouching over a yellow 20-sided dice.

These good little monsters will guard your dice like it’s their own horde. $4+.

Chair of Shame! Time Out Chair Dice Jail

A photo of two small chairs with time out written horizontally on the backs of the chairs and orange conical hats resting on top. The hats have Dunce written vertically down the front. A white 20-sided dice wears the left hat and sits on top of the left chair.

For all the times your dice misbehave and need to learn how to roll better next time. $8+.

Potion of Healing for DnD 5e, custom blood drop D4’s

A photo of a small glass vial with a cork stopper and a pink, glittery band of color around the bottom. Potion of Healing is written on the glass vial. Two tear-shaped pink dice are inside the vial.

A good potion of healing can add a lot of flavor to a campaign and this bottle has blood drop-shaped D4’s for your rolls. The design will really bring you back to life. $10+.

Accessories to Keep You Organized

D&D Initiative Tracker Board

A photo of a wooden Initiative Tracker Board with circle cavities that are labeled with Roman numerals one through nine. Several round wooden pieces show the race of a player character and a symbol to represent that race.

As a DM, a good initiative tracker is all that stands between you and your players in a fight. This wooden one is ready to help. $8+.

Spell and Ability Tracking Cards

A photo of several wooden Spell and Ability Tracking Cards with wooden cavities and engraved labels for Dungeons and Dragons.

Wooden trackers like these are a great way to keep track of spells and hit points as well as abilities based on your class. $17.

CM Book Cover Sleeve for 11″ TTRPG Rulebooks

A photo of an 11-inch by 8.5-inch by 1-inch leather carrying case with a leather handle for a Table Top Role Playing Game Rule Book. The front of the book is engraved with the profile of a dragon and swirls.

Have you ever wanted to re-bind your Wizards of the Cost books? Well, save some of your money and buy this cozy little book cover sleeve instead. $20.

5e Compatible Class Spell Cards for Spellbook

A photo of two decks of Spell Cards with a deer head on the front of them. The left deck is in a green and brown box. Three cards in the front show the spell descriptions for Sunburst, Foresight, and True Resurrection.

If you want pretty spell cards, look no further. These sets are simply magical. $15.

Pocket Compendium D&D Spellbook

Pocket Compendium D&D Spellbook

It’s a little book with protective sleeves for up to 54 cards for spells, items, or anything you would ever want to put on a little card for your campaign. $13.

Dungeon Master Screen

A photo of a wooden Dungeon Master Screen with two dragon engravings and an engraving at the center that reads DM. The front of the photo contains several vials, sheets, cards, and dice.

This engraved wood DM screen is also magnetic with a latch at the front for easy clean-up. $46+.

The Dice

Snowflakes Hollow Metal Dice Set

A photo of a set of six silver and gold Hollow Metal Dice with Snowflakes on the faces. The photo has two labels that read DND Dice and Hollow Snowflakes.

I absolutely adore these snowflake dice with easy-to-read numbers. Talk about a great set for any cold weather campaign. $65.

Pink Opalite Dice Set

A photo of a set of seven pink dice with gold numbers on the faces.

Although I have never used a set of stone dice, these dice are gorgeous. $37.

Banded Rainbow Turquoise Dice

A photo of a set of seven banded rainbow turquoise dice with black numbers on the faces.

Yes, these gemstone dice are very expensive, but also look at the pretty colors. $100.

Runic Glacier & Pink Dice Set

A photo of a set of seven blue dice with pink runes and numbers on the faces.

Look at the glacier blue on these dice. The pink floats right up to the top to best display all your rolls. $14.

Teal Baby Triceratops Familiar Resin Polyhedral Dice Set

A photo of a set of four clear dice with silver numbers on the faces and teal Baby Triceratops inside. A larger ceramic teal Baby Triceratops is on the left of the photo.

Small dinosaurs can only improve your rolls: it’s the rule. $14+.

Hollow Dragon Dice

A photo of seven gold Hollow Metal Dice with dragons inside.

Here there be dragons. And by here I do mean inside these metal dice. $38+.

That’s All For Today

D&D is wonderful, and Dungeons and Dragons accessories are only one part of it. I started with a group of friends, but some people meet through local game stores or libraries. Trust me, it is a great game if you are looking for a bit of adventure with friends. Once you start, you might not be able to stop. And If you are already a player, might I interest you in a book based on your class?