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The Best D&D Dice for Players with Class

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Ann-Marie Cahill


Ann-Marie Cahill will read anything and everything. From novels to trading cards to the inside of CD covers (they’re still a thing, right?). A good day is when her kids bring notes home from school. A bad day is when she has to pry a book from her kids’ hands. And then realizes where they get it from. The only thing Ann-Marie loves more than reading is travelling. She has expensive hobbies.

When I was introduced to the world of Dungeons & Dragons many moons ago, no one warned me about the risk of DICE HOARDING. It is easy to fall in love with fantastical worlds filled with magical creatures and ridiculous adventures. I can spend hours pouring over books, both in the real world and in The House of Knowledge. But that would be nothing compared to the days spent circling any gaming convention, trying to find the perfect D&D dice set for my next campaign. I may or may not have been That Person who chose their character purely based on the matching dice set. I may or may not be That Person who has backup dice when recovering from multiple Critical Hit betrayals (with a suitable dice jail where they can think about their actions). And I most certainly am not the person who dares to mix their dice sets. What kind of monster are you?!

However, if you are reading all this and are unsure what I am talking about, fellow Book Rioter Alice has a great guide to help you. Alice has provided some simple steps on How to Create an Awesome D&D Character.

Or you can let the dice choose the character for you. What could go wrong with that?

The Best D&D Dice by Class


Image of metallic dnd dice with dark blue enamel panels, dark grey thick border edges and featuring gold numbers and gold weapons on each panel. Weapons include battle axes and war hammers
Image from studiogaja on Etsy

Metal Dice Set from studiogaja on Etsy ($25)

My primary character is a Barbarian: Taklinn of Balderk, a female Dwarf Barbarian with a Warhammer named “Diplomacy”. These dice called to me from across the ages. Because let’s face it, all we want is a solid set of dice with a bit of weight to them. And plenty of weapons. All the weapons. Bonus points if it comes with a stein of ale.


image of blue sandston gemstone dnd dice with gold music motif
Image by CrystalMaggie on Etsy

Blue Sandstone Gemstone DnD Dice Set from CrystalMaggie on Etsy ($61)

Contrary to the Barbarian above, Bards will prefer a lightweight set of dice. It works better for sleight-of-hand and a quick getaway when the charm fails. This set is super sexy, with just enough sparkle to gain attention. But not too pretty! It’s for the Bard to shine, not the dice.


Image of set clear resin dnd dice with liquid core of white glitter featuring gold numbers
Image by LittleCircleBeads on Etsy

Black Galaxy liquid core DnD dice set from LittleCircleBeads on Etsy ($47)

Roll the dice and watch the galaxy roll with you. The liquid glitter core in these dice gives a celestial feel to these D&D dice. Clerics are priestly champions who wield divine magic and serve a higher power. Is it any surprise for a cleric to want this power to rest in their hands?


a photo of a clear dice set with real mushrooms and flowers inside
Image by OpiumNature on Etsy

Forest Dice Set with Real Mushrooms by OpiumNature on Etsy ($60)

Stay in touch with the powers of nature, held within the confines of your own forest dice. The terrarium-like appearance creates the perfect D&D dice for druids, though you may want a little more space before you unleash your inner Owl-Bear.


Image of metal dnd dice set with images of armour and standard weapons on each panel and small blood splatter
Image from Luffleberry on Etsy

Pit Fighter Metal Dice Set from Luffleberry on Etsy ($39)

One of the original five D&D characters and the master of combat skills, the Fighter is a solid addition to any group of adventurers and should be rewarded in kind. A balance of armour and weapons will assist with every roll of the dice. And that touch of blood splatter? Simply a reminder of past work.


image of mini dnd dice set in milky opaque black and white with silver numbers on panels
Image from TheRubyDragon on Etsy

Yin Yang Mini Dice Set from TheRubyDragon on Etsy ($39)

The Monk cares not for the material world. The Monk is a master of martial arts, focused on the pursuit of physical and spiritual perfection. The dice are merely an extension of this purpose. They should be small, inconsequential, and symbolise the balance of body and spirit.


Image of dnd dice set with white enamel panels, gold numbers and gold edges
Image from Riftgate on Etsy

White + Gold Dice Set from Riftgate on Etsy ($30)

Thou art looking for a set of D&D Dice to guide ye on thy journey. Thou art bound by sacred oath. Thy dice are as pure as thy vows, blessed with faith and light. They are also easy to clean. Because that’s a Paladin thing too, right?


Image of metal dnd dice with a stone finish and numbers with a slight dragon look to script
Image from Luffleberry on Etsy

Stone Dragon Metal D&D Dice Set by Luffleberry on Etsy ($36)

Keep it simple, stick with the shadows, and hone your skills. These dice are as weathered as you are, with an almost stone-like finish for the hardiest of Rangers. No flourish or flair; just get the job done.


Image of obsidian gemstone dnd dice with holographic number detail, with fuck you for D20 and fuck me for D1
Image by CrystalMaggie on Etsy

Raised Holographic Obsidian Gemstone D&D Dice Set with Text by CrytalMaggie on Etsy ($67)

Well, aren’t you a dastardly scoundrel? Thought you could get away with it too. But then the dice decided to have their own play. Out of all the characters who need to hear this, YOU need it the most: Don’t mess with the dice. And you know exactly the value of the roll. It says it right there on the dice.


Image of clear resin dnd dice set featuring small undead skulls with brown numbers
Image from TheCrookedTavern on Etsy

Undead Skull RPG Dice Set from TheCrookedTavern on Etsy ($15)

We’ve got some serious Mystery Men/Janeane Garofalo vibes happening here. Sure, we’re not bowling with dear ol’ Dad, but these little pals are willing to share some magic with us today.


Image of purple amethyst dnd dice set with gold numbering displaying arcane-like image of eyes looking through portals
Image from URWizards

Full Set Amethyst Polyhedral Dice Set from URWizards on Etsy ($68)

For those who gazed into the vortex and whispered, “Agreed.” These polished amethyst D&D dice will remind you of the bargain you made. They are watching you and every roll you take.


Image of metal hollow dnd dice set with polished metal cage and numbers on cage links
Image from EmberDice on Etsy

The Arcane Dice Set – Metal Hollow Dice from EmberDice on Etsy ($174)

Wizards are the original magic wielders of D&D. They are scholars with the skill and expertise to manipulate the structures of reality. They require a D&D dice set that matches their talents; not quite of this world nor matching any other D&D dice set you have ever seen. Probably the only thing to survive when you cast Fireball.


Image of dnd dice made of dark grey hematite with blue number and blue circuit board details on each panel
Image from Level Up Dice

Hematite Dice Set with Chip Glyphic design from Level Up Dice ($95)

One of the newest additions to the D&D Character Classes, artificers are masters of invention and technology. They use their smarts (and a touch of magic) to unlock extraordinary capabilities within objects. Artificers like something new and shiny to work with.

Blood Hunter

Image of metallic dnd dice featuring hollow skulls and angel wings, with blood spatters across panels
Image by tintingoneshoo on Etsy

RPG Dripping Blood DnD Metal Dice Set from tingtingoneshoo on Etsy ($37)

The newest character class in the books, Blood Hunters are willing (and a little eager) to suffer whatever it takes to win. They are warriors determined to protect the innocent. Nothing stands in their way…at least nothing will survive. This D&D dice set may look a little macabre and necromancer-ish, but it is an accurate portrayal of what a Blood Hunter will do to achieve their goals.

Dungeon Master

Image of set of resin dnd dice in metal tin with wooden lid saying "Behold!!! The Ducklings of Doom" Transparent dice with light purple duck inside
Image from TheWizardsVault

The Ducklings of Doom Box and Dice Set from TheWizardsVault on Etsy ($34)

We cannot forget our Dungeon Masters! The Storyteller, the Harbinger of Doom, the Voice of both Comedy and Tragedy. They who weave the adventure and bring upon the rewards…and the pain. BEHOLD! The perfect D&D dice set for our beloved Dungeon Master! Complete with mini purple rubber duckies set in clear resin.

Once you have the right D&D dice set to match your character, make sure to find a suitable case to protect them. You can find a range of pouches, tins, leather cases, and boxes available on Etsy and online. My personal absolute fave is this wooden engraved box with a very sweet and neat magnetic closing system to snap in place. My 16-year-old son uses it to protect his Artificer-style Obsidian dice with circuitry detailing. Both were purchased from Level Up Dice, found online here.

Image of dual opening wooden dice storage box with gold stenciled image on top, holding 8-piece obsidian dice set with white chip glyphic
Image by A Cahill / Duel Case from Level Up Dice

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