7 of the Best Disney Baby Books for Showers

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There’s nothing more exciting than finding out a friend or family member is having a baby. Except for maybe buying the baby shower gift. With all the Disney live action remakes, it seems timely to check out some of our favorite Disney baby books. Books are an evergreen gift idea for any occasion, but especially so for new parents and new babies! In fact, many new parents are asking for books instead of cards to be given to them at baby showers. So if you’re a book lover, now is your time to shine!

Books starring our favorite Disney characters give parents a sense of nostalgia and an opportunity to share a special bit of their own childhood with their babies too.

It’s a Small World by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Joey Chou

One of the most recognizable Disney songs comes to life in this charming and beautifully illustrated picture book. With the lyrics of the beloved, “It’s a Small World” with original artwork by Joey Chou, this picture book is sure to bring a smile to babies and parents alike. Plus there’s a CD that has a recording of the song to listen and sing along as you read.

My First Disney Classics Bedtime Storybook

Out of all the Disney books for kids, this one has one of the most comprehensive roundups of the classics. Your favorite Disney characters come together in six bedtime stories that will make bedtime extra special. We are firm believers that you are never too young (or too old) for a Disney book, and this one will give readers all the nostalgic feels. Each story only takes about five minutes to read, so it’s perfect for little ones who are still developing their attention spans…and their sleep-deprived caretakers.

Cinderella Stories Around the World by Cari Meister, Valentina Belloni, Carolina Farias, Polona Kosec, Eva Montanari

Did you know that cultures around the world have their own Cinderella stories? In this charming Disney baby book, visit France, China, Egypt, and Canada…and find out whose glass slippers are made of red silk and whose fairy godmother is a fish! This is a fun book to learn about different cultures through Cinderella stories.

Rapunzel (Once Upon a World) by Chloe Perkins, Archana Screenivasan

The classic story of Rapunzel gets a fresh twist in this Indian reimagining. Prepare to be transported to India in this Disney board book. The Once Upon a World line gives little ones a wonderful multicultural take on classic fairytales that we all know and love. Fairytales are for everyone, everywhere.

Mulan: The Legend of the Woman Warrior by Faye-Lynn Wu, Joy Ang

The legendary woman warrior Mulan comes to life in this empowering retelling of The Ballad of Mulan. An uplifting and powerful book that shows that true strength comes from within that is sure to inspire a new generation of women warriors. The beautiful artwork in this book comes alive on each page and reminds us that girls can do anything boys can do. This book also includes the original ballad.

Coco: Movie Storybook / Libro basado en la película by R.J. Cregg, Elvira Ortiz

Miguel makes his way from the Land of the Dead to the Land of the Living in this bilingual Disney baby book. A fun retelling of one of our favorite Disney movies, this book is going to delight babies and their caretakers alike.

Mom & Me by Kalikolehua Hurley

Moana and her mom spend the day together during one of Moana’s favorite traditions: the kite festival! Parents can help their little ones make their own press-out mini kites and decorate them with stickers. It makes for one of the best Disney baby books with interactive elements!