The Best Bullet Journal Supplies for Readers

Bullet journals are awesome. I started my first one in January, and, while it didn’t exactly go super well, it did give me an idea of what works and what doesn’t work for me. I’ve started my 2019 bujo and I’m loving it. They’re the perfect way to have a planner and journal perfect for you. You can get as artsy or as simple as you want. It by no means has to be perfect. It only has to be whatever you want it to be! For 2019 I have pages tracking my review copies for my blog, book releases I’m excited about, and, of course, the Read Harder challenge! Some people have their TBR in there, but mine is just far too big. One of the best parts of bullet journaling, if you ask me, is getting fun supplies! There are tons of cool things you can get that add a special touch. Printables, stamps, washi tape, you name it! I’ve rounded up some of the best bullet journal supplies for readers—and have added most of them to my wish list.


Printables are great for those who know what they want, but aren’t as artistically inclined or interested in drawing certain spreads out themselves. These are some awesome printable spreads from Etsy that are perfect for readers.

Hand-drawn Books to Read 

Books to read bullet journal printable

Category ID: 914

Hand-drawn Books Read

Books read bullet journal printable

Hand-drawn Books to Read Tracker

books to read with cat and shelves bullet journal printable

Harry Potter–Themed Monthly Spread

harry potter themed monthly bullet journal printable

Book Tracker

book tracker bullet journal printable


Stencils are awesome for adding banners, shapes, etc to your bullet journal. These are really helpful when drawing out spreads!

Shapes, Flags, and Lines Stencil

shapes and banners stencil

Banner Stencils

banner stencil

Book Stencils

books stencil

Books to Read Stencil

books to read bullet journal spread stencil

Fantastic Beasts Stencil

Fantastic Beasts bullet journal stencil

Comic and Manga Stencil

comic and manga stencil

Stickers & Stamps

Like stencils, stamps and stickers are also a great tool in drawing out spreads. They’re also super cute additions!

Super Cute Rainbow Coloured Book Stickers

rainbow coloured book stickers

Bookish Sticker Set

Bookish sticker set

Build A Bookshelf Bullet Journal Planner Stickers

Build A Bookshelf Bullet Journal Planner Stickers

Cats Reading Stickers

Cats reading stickers

Book Review Stamp

Book Review stamp

Bookish Clear Stamp Set

Bookish clear stamp set

Washi Tape

Your bullet journal supplies are not complete until you have some washi tape. These cute bookish tapes are perfect for readers.

Book Spines Tape

book spines washi tape

Retro English Dictionary Tape

Retro dictionary washi tape

Books, Letters, and Flowers Tape

Books, letters, and flowers washi tape

Cute Classic Books and Parchment Tape

classic book and parchment washi tape

Coffee Tape

Coffee washi tape

Comic Book Tape

Comic book washi tape

Metallic Harry Potter Tape

metallic harry potter washi tape

Books About Bullet Journals

And, as we’re talking about readers here, I thought some of you might want to read about bullet journals before diving in!

The bullet journal method book coverThe Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll

Here, the creator of the original Bullet Journal system takes you through his organization process. The original is pretty bare bones, so if you want your journal more streamlined, this is a good start!

The Bullet Journal for Beginners by Karen Lancaster

As the idea of Bullet Journaling caught on, people began getting more creative with it. Here, Lancaster gives beginners ideas for spreads and miscellaneous information you might find useful!

the ultimate brush lettering guide book coverThe Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide: A Complete Step-by-Step Creative Workbook to Jump-Start Modern Calligraphy Skills by Peggy Dean

While not exactly about Bullet Journaling, this book will help you up your brush lettering game! A lot of bullet journalers (myself included) use brush pens to make calligraphy in our journals. I’ve been using this book to hone my techniques (I’m not great at it yet) and practice. It comes with some really handy worksheets!

What are your favourite bullet journal supplies for readers?

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