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Riot Recommendation: Best Books About Mindfulness



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Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Who really understands the concept of karma? Half the time when people are referencing it, it sounds like some form of revenge. But karma is a much deeper and richer concept than that.  As explained by Sadhguru, yogi & mystic, karma means action. Sadhguru turns the tables by showing us clearly that karma is an empowering possibility for taking charge of our lives by choosing how we respond to what is happening to us. With celebrity fans from Will Smith to Tom Brady, this enlightening book offers in depth insights on the concept of Karma and shows how to achieve true happiness.

One particular superpower of readers is that we can transport ourselves anywhere through books. We can venture to the most remote places that exist on this green earth, or even to the rich tapestry of some imagined land. Well, what about when you want to focus that superpower inward? This is what it means to be mindful. It is the ability to be fully in the moment with ourselves, with all our attention not focused on future or past events, but completely concerned with the here and now. There are a fews ways to attain mindfulness, but perhaps the most commonly known way is through meditation. Even though you don’t need anything to be more mindful — or anything to meditate — it can still be a hard thing to achieve and takes some practice.

That’s why we want to know: what are your favorite books on mindfulness? Whether they’re about using mindfulness to improve performance, creativity, or neural connections, let us know on Facebook and Twitter, then we’ll round up your answers and be back next week to share the list with your fellow Riot readers!