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Bookish Tote Bags for Your Next Library Haul

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Mara Franzen

Staff Writer

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A good book tote bag is KEY for a trip to the library, bookstore, or wherever else you’re going in everyday life. But finding the perfect bag can be a hassle. They have to be super sturdy to carry all your books, but also super cute! Some are absolutely adorable but can’t handle the weight of all those books. Some seem sturdy, and then before you know it, the corners of your books have poked holes right through the fabric.

Luckily for us, Etsy is the perfect place to find good quality book tote bags that are also super cute! With a plethora of adorable bags to pick from, it could easily take hours to sort through to find the best bags on the market. I know every time I need something cute and useful it takes a bit before I find exactly what I’m looking for. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about that.

This list has a compilation of 13 different bookish tote bags. Each is made by a different seller, many of whom have even more options in their shop. I highly encourage you to shop around until you find the best bag for you or the special someone in your life. With this many options, there’s got to be at least one calling your name.

A bag that says "Fine me at the library".

This adorable bag is $31 from EverythingAfterCo. It has sturdy cotton handles that vary in width depending on the size of the bag. No matter how heavy your book load is, this bag will stay strong!

A bag that says "I have no shelf control" and features a shelf filled with books.

This lightweight book bag is perfect for your next trip to the bookstore. Made by DaisyApparelArt, this bag comes in so many different colors, you could get one to go with every outfit! And at only $15 you could even get a bunch of different colors so you always have the perfect match.

A tote bag that says "Stay up late at... The Book Club" with am image of a 1950's style club on the front.

Made by RatherKeen, this retro bag is not only adorable but also made from recycled materials. It’s the perfect bag for going out, even if it’s not to the library. This bag rings in at $22.

A bag that reads "Read books and dismantle systems of oppression" with a line of books above it.

This iconic tote bag is being sold on Etsy by FabulouslyFeminist for $30. Made out of sturdy organic cotton, this tote is incredibly sturdy and cute!

A bag that says "In libris libertas, Literature Club EST 1886"

Coming in at $29, this adorable rounded-edge book bag is perfect for any Dark Academia fans out there. Created by StudioAMARIE this bag also holds its shape, so need to worry about it flopping around on you.

A Bag that says "A Bookworms belongings" with an image of a tote bag, a stack of books, tea, coffee, and a jar of "excuses to read one more chapter". A library card, bookmarks, a lamp, and mug, and a magnifying glass. Each item is labeled.

Designed by BrittanyslilBowtique, this $24 Bookworm bag is as functional as it is adorable. Even if you don’t use the tote for “Bookworm Belongings” it will be a great addition to your errand runs.

A Bag that says "It's a good day to read a book"

For just $20, this groovy tote bag is the perfect addition to any shopping trip, be it reading, shopping, writing, or maybe even a combination of all three! You can thank TheNims on Etsy for this cute bag.

A bag with an image of a woman reading a book with her head resting on a pile of books.

This $18 bibliophile book bag is being sold on Etsy by KoopCreates. This sturdy but lightweight bag is perfect for the readers in your life.

A bag that says "Death by TBR. So many Books, so little time." With a sketch of a woman surrounded by books and kissing a skull.

It’s no secret that most readers have a TBR a mile high, and this $15 bag celebrates that fact. This work of art can be found on Etsy from PoppyandVixenDesigns.

A black bag that says "This bag is full of smutty Books".

Perfect for the romance lover in your life, this wonderful bag is super sturdy and ready to carry home all your smut. booksrbtrthanreality is selling this bag for $25, and it’s perfect for your next library visit.

A bag that says "Claire's Book Bag" with a sketch of a woman reading.

This $25 customizable bag is for sale by TeeOrchard on Etsy. Not only can you have this adorable bag, but you can have this adorable bag with your name on it! How fun is that?

A white and black box shaped tote bag with an image of books and writing utensils making a heart shape.

This $41 boxy book bag is perfect for those of us who bring or acquire a vast amount of books everywhere we go. Luckily VincenzaSilviaCream has created a cute and sturdy bag large enough to fit as many books as you need.

A simple bag that says Books Books Books Books.

This simple but adorable bag is for sale at $21 from JodiFriday. Made from sturdy canvas material, this bag is ready for whatever life throws at it, which is hopefully a lot of books.

There are of course hundreds more bags out there to choose, from but I hope at least one of these bags sparked your interest. Happy Shopping.