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Mind-Boggling Book Sculptures You Can Own

Where some people tend to believe anything that destroys the book as it’s been created is the Worst Thing Ever, I think the opposite. I love the creative ways people can repurpose books. They can become art and craft supplies, can be made into things like planters for succulents, have their pages folded into decorations, or they can turn into one-of-a-kind book sculptures.

What’s a book sculpture? It’s a piece of art created entirely from a book, or in some cases, several books. There are artists for whom book sculptures are their entire medium, while there are others, as seen below, for whom book sculptures are a medium but also a means of selling a unique creation to others for their own enjoyment.

This array of book sculptures is incredible and the artistry intricate. The prices of these pieces reflect that, but damn would they make for a stunning addition to a book lover’s home.

Splurge On These Unbelievable Book Sculptures

This book is a mini library, complete with library ladder. $50.

Paper birds exploding out of a book: gorgeous! This one requires you to put the birds in, so it’s like taking part in the creation itself. $35.

Obsessed is the right word to describe how I feel about this rainbow heart book art. $55.

Ever dreamed of a paper castle? This is your dream come true. $325.

This sculpture is called the journey of creativity and what a creative journey it is. Wow. $131.

Imagine a book sculpture, but one you install on your wall. This piece of art is called Time Lapse. $173.

Don’t do a spit take when you see the price. This is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly intricate book sculpture that would make for a heck of a conversation piece. $2,120.

A mixed-media piece of book art entitled Friendship is a garden. I see it! $627.

If you have a partner who buys you this Tree of Love romantic piece, you keep that partner for life. $940.

If the previous book art was too rich for your blood, here’s another option. Again: keep the partner who gets you this fluttering heart. $36.

The Mad House” is Burtonesque, for sure. $220.

Pop this piece of folded book art to your wall for a unique addition to any room. $27.

A lovely bunch of paper mushrooms. Grab one or many, starting at $14.

This tiny fairy house is way too cute. $25.

I really love this sculpture—it is such a nice look at birth and death all at once. “The Golden Autumn” is $127.

This book wall art is clever: it’s titled “Garden,” and clearly created from a book about gardening. Know a green thumb? This is the perfect gift for them. $420.

Inspired by the artist’s childhood, maybe this treehouse reminds you of your own lust for one growing up (or the one you had, lucky!). $446.

Some people believe spider book art would be just for Halloween. People who are open-minded see spider book art as perfect for year-round display on their horror book shelves. $50.

It’s a simple sculpture study in primary colors but it is anything but simple. $75.

Your guests might be disappointed, but I can see how awesome this book cake sculpture would be at a wedding. $620.

A sweet little bird nest. $75.

This wire twisted tree is growing through a book titled Observers Book of Trees. $62.

For all of the Hemingway fans out there: The Old Man and the Sea. Literally. Lit-erally. $350.

What a gorgeous book heart in a jar. You can get it as a tiny sculpture as-is, or you can make it into a necklace. $37 and up.

As someone who does fused glass art, it never occurred to me how to tie it into books. This fused glass book art is inspiring me. $343.

It’s a bee hive and the hive itself! $481.

A magical Harry Potter music box created from the pages of the story. $228.

Last, but not least: a piano book. A piano…made out of a book. $50.

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