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The Ultimate Guide To Book Puzzles To Do and To Give This Winter

Whether the weather where you are gets cold this season or not, given the realities of the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 and no vaccine on the horizon, this is going to be a hard, dark, lonely winter. It might be early to begin thinking about entertaining ourselves in January and February (and March…) now, but the reality is, we know that finding entertainment during the first lockdowns in March of this year was tough. It wasn’t just toilet paper and hand sanitizer in high demand. Finding things like craft kits, board games, and puzzles became tough. The upside to that, though, was companies which make those forms of home entertainment responded to the demand by upping what they offer and now, you can find even more options and availability. Thus, it’s time again to stock up on book puzzles.

This roundup of book puzzles is broken up by piece count, and as of this writing, every single one is in stock. Put your orders in now for yourself or for treating your friends and family to great gifts for the holidays.

Note: if you’re serious about puzzles—however you define serious—or want the opportunity to move your work without hassle, I cannot recommend purchasing a puzzle piece sorter and puzzle board enough. As someone with a lot of cats, this has been a game-changer for not losing pieces, as well as for being able to do the puzzle in fits and starts and knowing that what has been worked on won’t be disturbed. I’d recommend skipping the puzzle boards that allow you to roll up the puzzle. They don’t work neatly, and the investment in a board is smarter.

Stay At Home With Great Book Puzzles

100–300 Piece Puzzles

The first three puzzles are all cat puns on literature and I can’t handle how much I adore them. First, Alice’s Adventures in Whiskerland. 100 pieces, $15.

100% this is how I picture Jay Gatsby as a cat. The Great Catsby is 100 pieces and $15.

It’s RoMEOW and Juliet! 100 piece puzzle, $15.

The Wonderful Wizard of Pawz! 100 piece puzzle, $15.

This shaped puzzle is indeed just my type! 100 pieces, $8.

For puzzlers who love all things eerie. 100 pieces, $13.

It’s the Three Little Pigs! 100 pieces, $18.

Your favorite superheroes are front and center with this 100 piece puzzle, which comes with a gorgeous case. $13.

If you love Star Wars droids, you will love this 300 piece puzzle. $11.

This won’t be the last Charles Wysocki puzzle on this list, but it is the only one named Frederick the Literate. 300 pieces, $18.

So. Freaking. Cute. 300 pieces, $11.

What comprises your ideal bookshelf? This 300 piece puzzle is $20.

500 Piece Book Puzzles

This puzzle reminds me of the inside of The Last Bookstore. $13.

This puzzle makes me want to curl up in my own book nook. $19.

A magical unicorn reading puzzle. $14.

As you’ll notice, there are a lot of cats with books puzzles, and that’s not because I am ignoring dogs or other animals. It’s just that those animals are doing more active things. $15.

Talk about a beautiful reading puzzle! $25.

Bookish cats! $20.

Put together your own Spiderman comic cover. $14.

How fun is this fantasy book puzzle! $20.

This is how the owl stays wise. $25.

Pup with a cup and a pile of good reads. $27.

Archie! The perfect puzzle for fans of Archie comics. $25.

Swoon over the Admont Abbey library with this puzzle. $23.

I’d go to the greyhound library! $25.

A lovely puzzle featuring a girl reading to birds. $17.

I’ll be over here, crying over this Baby Yoda puzzle. $10.

A beautiful rendition of the Little Women book cover. $30.

The most ridiculous bookish puzzle I could find. $22.

It’s cats on stacks. $16.

650–750 Piece Book Puzzles

Get a book puzzle without traditional square borders! $15.

Not only do these shelves contain books, but they’re also packed with fairies. $35.

I promised there’d be more Charles Wysocki cat puzzles, and here’s the next one. It’s aptly named Cat Tales. $29.

I love that this puzzle called Queen of the Stacks is not one, but two, different puzzles meant to be done together. 650 or so pieces. $35.

I’m pretty sure this shaped typewriter puzzle will be my next purchase. $20.

Need more cat puzzles? I’ve got you covered! These kitties look particularly evil, don’t they? $35.

1000–1500 Piece Book Puzzles

Vintage book spines! $27.

Take a trip through the world of Shakespeare. $19.

Travel back in time with these retro comic book covers. $19.

Raise your hand if this looks like your dream library. $27.

Not only is this a fun antique library puzzle, it is also a seek and find. Two different modes of fun for the price of one. $26.

Indeed, it’s a reader’s paradise. $38.

Dam(n), books! $22.

“Will you check meowit?” asks the cat at the cat library. $25.

If you love Nancy Drew, this puzzle of series book covers is for you. $26.

Edward Gorey fans will adore this puzzle featuring the book covers he did. $20.

Avengers unite! A puzzle for fans of Infinity War. $32.

I adore a black cat among piles of vintage tomes. $28.

An ideal evening (or afternoon or morning). $22.

Wander the shelves of this rare book shop. $29.

This writer is in for a world of trouble. $25.

Miles and miles of bookshelves. $25.

So many readers in this book club. $17.

Rainbow bookshelves are beautiful. $30.

Here’s what goes down after dark in the library. $21.

How many of these books have you read, bibliophile? $40.

I’d be a little concerned if there was a bear or zebra or monkey in the library. $22.

Those books are in trouble. $34.

DC comics coming atcha. $21.

Poe puzzle! $25.

When’s the last time you saw a newsstand like this? $30.

Talk about a fantasy library! $36.

2000 Piece Book Puzzles

This one is called Novel Avenue and is clever as heck. $35.

A bright world of books is yours to enjoy. $34.

Looking for even more bookish entertainment for the time between reads? Give these puzzle books a shot or take a spin with bookish board games.