7 Of The Best Book Lights For Every Type of Reader

Voracious readers can usually name a few bookish accessories that make their lives easier. Bookmarks, highlighters, pens, a book journal, eyeglasses—all of these things make it easier to immerse oneself back into your book of choice or refresh your memory on the book’s content at a later date. The noble and under-appreciated book light is one bookish accessory that most insatiable readers find necessary. Flashlights, candles, and lamps are great, but they don’t give you the personal glow that is necessary for all night reading sessions and camping trips. For many of us, the best book lights are an imperative accessory for our reading life.

Choosing the most perfect and best book light is difficult, though. There are more features and options than ever before. Unique design possibilities also give some book lights multi-purpose functionality. With all that in mind, it’s near impossible to choose one, single best book light. Here are a few of my favorites to start you on your path to matchless book light perfection.

Best Eye-Friendly Book Light

Orange and red snap-on-filters will help keep that pesky blue light, which can damage your eye health, at bay.

Best Book Lights | BookRiot.com

Beam n Read by ASF Lightware Solutions via Amazon

Best Book Light for Paperbacks

Lightweight and rechargeable, this book light can double as a bookmark.

Best Book Lights | BookRiot.com

SOONHUA Book Light via Amazon

Best Book Light for Travelers

A soft, padded clip and small size make this option ideal for those who travel frequently.

Best Book Lights | BookRiot.com

LuminoLite via Amazon

Best Book Light for Kids

Perfect for books and desks. Also, it’s awfully cute.

Best Book Lights | BookRiot.com

LightsGoal Clip via Amazon

Best Book Light With A Unique Design

Hovering over a book’s specific page, this book light has a design like no other. Also, 30 hours of reading time on one four hour charge. 30 hours!

Best Book Lights | BookRiot.com

LED Book Light with Rechargeable Battery via Sharper Image

Best Multi-Purpose

This hands-free light hangs around your neck and makes walking, reading, or tackling a project in the dark possible.

Best Book Light | BookRiot.com

Ledgle Neck Book Light via Amazon

Best Book Light, All-Around

A basic workhorse that is free-standing, super adjustable and has two different light options. The perfect all-around option for most readers.

Best Book Light | BookRiot.com

Mighty Bright via Amazon


What’s your best book light recommendations?