The Best Book Covers of 2023, According to the New York Times

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Every year, the New York Times highlights what it considers the the best book covers of the year. The Book Review’s art director, Matt Dorfman, has selected 12 book covers out in 2023 as the “edgiest, catchiest, most creative book jackets of the year.” These covers include designs based in photography, typography, and illustration. Here are six of the NYT picks of the best book covers of 2023.

the covers of the books listed below

The Undertow: Scenes From a Slow Civil War by Jeff Sharlet: Designed by Steve Attardo, Photos by Jeff Sharlet

Poverty, by America by Matthew Desmond: Designed by Christopher Brand

Do You Remember Being Born? by Sean Michaels: Designed by Rodrigo Corral, Artwork by Danny Jones

the covers of the books listed below

The Employees by Olga Ravn: Designed by Paul Sahre

The Dimensions of a Cave by Greg Jackson: Designed by Jamie Keenan

Your Driver Is Waiting by Priya Guns: Designed by Emily Mahon, Illustration by Nada Hayek

To see all 12 covers as well as Dorfman’s explanation of what makes each of these a standout, head over to the New York Times. You might also be interested in Book Riot’s Best Book Covers of 2023, which doesn’t have any overlap with this list.

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