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The Best Baby Groot Toys the Web Has to Offer

Few characters are so instantly lovable as our dear Groot, and more so when he emerges as Baby Groot. Since we love him, here are the best Baby Groot toys the web has to offer. Be sure to sound off on your favorites below, or share the love if you love another item we’ve missed. And without further ado…I am Groot!

Always have the best tunes on repeat in your car? Why not set this Baby Groot on your dash to dance along with your beats?

baby groot solar body knocker toy

You knew at least one planter or plant-related item was going to make it on this list, right? I guess it isn’t a toy, per se, but we would be remiss. Check out this Groot chia pet thingy.

Groot chia pet planter

And because I gotchu and maybe you’re not into the Bob Ross look, here’s a different version of the Baby Groot chia pet, now potted and with extra green. Again, I know this post is about Baby Groot toys, but…I mean.

baby groot potted chia pet

Considering it’s Baby Groot and all, this plush clocks in at a considerable 24 inches! Make all your Groot-hugging dreams come true with this lovely doll.

Speaking of plushies, this one is genius. This Groot can actually sit on your shoulder and just…hang out there. This particular plushie comes with a magnet, but I’ve seen another version with elastic straps in case this doesn’t seem secure enough for ya.

Groot shoulder-sitting plushie

This particular Baby Groot is all about the boogie. It can detect music you’re playing around him, or he can play his own and start shaking it to the beat.

dancing baby groot toy

And, because I’m feeling the dancing aspect of the previous entry, here’s another dancing Baby Groot that has the same ability to either dance to its own music or detect yours, but is a whole other kind of cute.

baby groot dancing toy