20 of the Best Baby Book Subscription Services

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Katisha Smith

Staff Writer

Katisha is a former military brat who studied engineering because she couldn’t hack it as a writer. You can find her on the internets talking books, movies, pop culture, beauty or whatever is floating her boat at the moment.

Katisha Smith

Staff Writer

Katisha is a former military brat who studied engineering because she couldn’t hack it as a writer. You can find her on the internets talking books, movies, pop culture, beauty or whatever is floating her boat at the moment.

In 2019, book subscription boxes are as popular as ever! In addition to all of the best book subscription services available to adult readers, bookworms can find plenty of specialized subscription boxes and book boxes especially for kids. There are amazing book boxes for fans of YA and even a few book subscription options for the elusive middle grade reading category. Today, we bring the best book subscription services that provide plenty of must-read baby board books. Whether you are looking for a very special gift for an upcoming baby shower or you want to easily fill your offspring’s bookshelves for months (and years) to come, we have a list of 20 of the best baby book subscription services.

1. Bookroo

Getting a subscription box from Bookroo is like celebrating a birthday every month! Each book is wrapped and comes in a bright and whimsical box that is sure to delight. The Board Book Club, for children ages 0–3, comes with three board books and an insert that gives highlights about the books and insights from the authors and illustrators. Bookroo has created the “world’s largest platform dedicated entirely to children’s books,” so they want to fill your baby’s bookcases with some of these hidden gems.

Price: $19.95 + Shipping

2. Dear Panda

Dear Panda is the first subscription box delivering high quality Chinese board and picture books. Their service make learning Mandarin and more about Chinese culture fun and effective. The books curated by Dear Panda are great for parents and teachers who want to expose children to a new language. Each month’s box is themed with three picture books and crafts tailored to your baby.

Price: $25

3. Elephant Books

Elephant Books wants to turn kids into lifelong readers by making the experience fun and enjoyable. Each month they deliver high quality recently published books that are guaranteed to become favorites. Books included in their subscription boxes are chosen by experts using their five key criteria in order to make each month’s box special and unique. The Board Book Package, suggested for ages 0–2, comes with three board books along with a classic bookplate to record special messages and tips for parents on how to keep your little ones engaged with reading.

Price: $17.99 + Shipping

4. Jambo Book Club

Jambo Book Club believes in stories for all of us. They want to give your children books with stories that represent modern America. Each month, Jambo will send books starring a child of color in a special decorated box addressed to them. The Jambo Book Box for ages 0–2 includes up to three age-appropriate books.

Price: $24.99

5. Just Like Me!

The folks who started the Just Like Me! Book Subscription Box know diversity in children’s literature is hard to find, but it is important to expose all children to stories featuring children of color at an early age. The box for children ages 0–3 includes two to three engaging books starring black babies and children along with educational tools and a fun gift. As your baby grows from toddler to young child, the books become more advanced.

Price: $28.00

6. BookCase Club

Kids BookCase Club is the book box subscription service from BookCase Club that is just for kids. The baby book subscription option for ages 0–2 includes three handpicked picture or activity books and the ability to choose boxes based on the baby’s gender. One of the bonuses of choosing Kids BookCase Club is new subscribers don’t have to wait too long for their first box! It will ship within seven days of registration.

Price: $9.99 + Shipping

7. Lillypost

If you want to do good with your baby book subscription, then look no further than Lillypost. Your little one will receive a box full of books curated by passionate parents just like you who want to instill the joy of reading in their children. With every box that comes your way, Lillypost will donate a book to a child in need on your behalf. The Board Book Box is recommended for children ages 0–3 and comes with four board books along with stickers of the Lillypost dancing fox.

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A recent review from Melanie S. makes us so happy to be spreading the love of reading! Head over to our Facebook page and leave a review with any questions, concerns or comments on your experience. " I think Lillypost does an amazing job of sending us really unique and fun books. I love reading the books that come which is a huge deal when we read them over and over. They also have some fun benefits in that they teach traits we want our kids to have—trusting themselves and accepting change and things like that. I love how unique they are and my son gets SO excited to see the Lillypost book box! I also think the price is great. I can not recommend this subscription enough!" – One box purchased = one book donated – With love, The Lillypost Team #lillypostbox

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Price: $19.95 + Shipping

8. Literati Books

For newborns to 3-year-olds, Literati Books has Club Neo, which is designed to help foster an early love for reading. Every month, Literati Books delivers five interactive board books along with a few surprises based on the month’s theme. Then, you have a week to explore the books with your child. You keep your favorites from the bunch and send back the rest using Literati’s free and easy returns process.

Price: $9.95 + Cost of Kept Books

9. Little Feminist

Why choose Little Feminist as your baby book subscription service? Because only 31% of children’s books include a female character, and only 13% feature a person of color. That is why Little Feminist is here to diversify your child’s reading library with books celebrating equality for all genders and encouraging empathy for others. The box for children ages 0–3 includes two board books or one picture book along with a bookmark featuring potential discussion questions and a letter for the parents.

Price: $23

10. Little Fun Club

Winner of the Parents’ Choice Foundation Award for Best Subscription Box, Little Fun Club wants their monthly book boxes to stir up your child’s imagination. They have a commitment to provide high quality and valuable books that have been carefully researched. Selected books come from award-winning authors and will expand your child’s horizons and encourage their sense of adventure. As your child grows older, the books in the box become more advanced. Each month, Little Fun Club sends up to three age-appropriate books. There is also the option to purchase themed adventure boxes.

Price: $24.95 + Shipping for 3 Books / $19.95 + Shipping for 2 Books / $5 for 3 Book Titles

11. My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club was founded on creating a passion for reading and increasing literacy in children at an early age. Each month, your box includes three to four “Just Starting Out” board books that are appropriate for newborns to 2-years-olds. The box also includes an activity book and free surprise for mom. We don’t know if dad should expect a surprise too. Once you subscribe, there isn’t a long wait for your first box. It ships within 48 hours.

My First Reading Club is another subscription option for those who want to do a little good. When entering the code “Help147” at checkout, you will receive 10% off your order, and My First Reading Club will make a donation to 147 Team, a charity dedicated to helping children in need across the United States.

Price: $16.99

12. OurShelves

OurShelves started when a two-mom family struggled to find books that reflected their inclusive values. Their goal is to not only provide the best books with diverse characters, but to also use consumer power to get more diverse books published.While most boxes are delivered monthly, OurShelves delivers their boxes on a quarterly basis in December, March, June, and September. Plus, you will receive 10% off your first box. What a deal! For children ages 0–2, OurShelves offers the Sunshine Box, which can include up to five books depending on the subscription. Three- and five-book boxes also include a special family activity.

Price: $13.99 for 1 Book / $32.97 for 3 Books / $49.95 for 5 Books

13. Owl Post Books

Owl Post Books provides fun, engaging, and affordable books that are curated by a certified English teacher. Owl Post Books has two subscription options for children ages 0–3, the Book of the Month  and the Imagination Box. The age appropriate books in these boxes include board book with early learning concepts and “Read With Me” picture books to be enjoyed with parents. The Book of the Month delivers one hand-selected book wrapped in a colorful mailer. The Imagination Box includes three books along with a themed toy and interactive card.

Price: $14.99 for Book of the Month / $32.99 for Imagination Box

14. The Picture Book Club

Filed under “The Best Gift I Ever Gave” by New York Magazine, The Picture Book Club is the perfect baby book subscription box for those who want the hidden gems of children’s literature, so you don’t have to worry about opening your box to find Where the Wild Things Are or Goodnight Moon. Subscription options include the Book Bundle, the Themed Subscription Box, and the Custom Board Book Subscription. All the bundles and subscription boxes include gift wrap books with personalized bookplates and a handwritten note.

The Book Bundle provides a themed curation of The Picture Book Club’s favorite books. The Themed Subscription Box sends a box full of books featuring the stated subject. The number of books included in the Book Bundle and the Themed Subscription depends on the bundle/box. The Custom Board Book Subscription includes one hand-chosen board book.

Price: $12.99 for Custom Board Book Subscription / $16–23 for Themed Subscription / $30–100 for Book Bundle

15. Prime Book Box

If you’re ready to give our Amazon overlords even more of your money, then may we interest you in the Prime Book Box? Books are selected from the books loved by Amazon customers as well as the books loved by Amazon’s editorial team, which means books will include beloved classics, new releases, and hidden gems. The Prime Book Box for newborns to 2-year-olds includes four curated board books. The best part of having a Prime Book Box subscription is you can select how often you would like to receive books (every 1–3 months). Also, you can preview the list of curated books and swap books before the box ships.

Price: $19.99 (first box is discounted)

16. Reading Bug Box

Looking to support an indie bookstore with your baby book box? Then, get the Reading Bug Box where books are selected by the expert booksellers at family-owned, independent children’s bookstore, The Reading Bug. For babies, The Reading Bug has two box options. Curated Boxes offer two to three pre-selected board books. With the Personalized Boxes, books are hand-picked based on your child’s age, interests, and reading ability to create a box that is as unique as they are. The Read to Me Box is the Personalized Box available for children ages 0–4 and includes books that encourage growth and development.

Price: $18 for Curated Boxes / $27 for Personalized Boxes

17. Sol Book Box

If you are looking to raise bilingual kids who speak fluent Spanish with ease, then you need Sol Book Box. Sol Book Box wants to encourage a love for reading in children while they learn a new language, and every month, they send the books that are culturally relevant with beautiful illustrations and engaging vocabulary. With The Sol Book Box, you will receive books not easily found in stores or online. The monthly box includes one gift wrapped bilingual or Spanish picture book that is appropriate for children up to 6 years old.

Price: $20 + Shipping

18. The Story Box

The duo behind The Story Box creating this book box subscription service not to provide books that encouraged families to read together. Their books are selected by parents and certified speech-language pathologists for their ability to be both engaging and to facilitate early literacy skills in children. The Board Books Story Box, for ages 0–2½, includes two board books along with a parent’s guide on how to use the books to help your child’s pre-literacy development.

Price: $14.99 + Shipping

19. Tiny Humans Read

Tiny Humans Read wants to help busy parents spend more quality time reading with their tiny humans. Each month, find whimsical stories in each gift wrapped book that will encourage a lifelong love of reading in your child. With the Board Book Box, for ages 0–3, you will receive four board books along with bonus gifts. Also, with every box Tiny Humans Read delivers, they donate a portion of the sale to 826LA, a nonprofit organization providing tutoring and creative writing programs to underserved kids.

Price: $25.99

20. Woke Babies

The founders of Woke Babies want to make it easier for parents to find high quality books that feature black children and other children of color. Their mission is to give black children the representation they need to see in the books they consume. With the Woke Babies Mini Kings and Queens monthly subscription box, you will receive two to three books for children ages 0–3 along with special surprise gifts. Your first box also includes a Woke Babies t-shirt.

Price: £20.00

After perusing our list of the best baby book subscription boxes, you may be wondering why the best book subscription service, Book Riot’s own Tailored Book Recommendations, was not on the list. The answer to your pondering is simple: TBR doesn’t do kids books because silly baby, TBR is for grownups, so use this list to find the best board books for baby and pair the parents with a TBR bibliologist who will send them hand-picked selections every month. Sounds like a win-win to us!