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25 Beautiful Bookplate Stamps and Stickers For Your Library

I know there are two kind of bookworms out there: the lenders and those who refuse to let other hands sully their books. There are some, like me, who like to lend their books…but also jealously guard their libraries. If I lend you a book, I absolutely want it back and in perfect condition. I can’t always control the latter, but I try my best to ensure the former. One way I do this is with my bookplate embosser stamp. I love stamping my books. It makes me feel a little extra. With my name in there embossed on the page, there is no denying that it’s my book. Bookplates are a great gift for any book lover (read: hoarder).

25 beautiful bookplate stamps and stickers for your home library. bookstamps | book plates | book stickers

This holiday season, grab your favourite bookworm some bookplates to personalize their collection. Or if you are that bookworm, treat yourself!

Stunning feather stickers

Simple, customizable, and classy embossing stamp

Blossoming tree customizable stamp

Simple and stylish customizable stamp

Colourful and customizable monogram stickers

A book is a new adventure, indeed! Check out these boy reading stickers.

Add a splash of colour with these personalized bouquet stickers

Cute personalized owl stickers for your favourite littles

Read it, love it, return it! I feel that. Check out this delightful customizable stamp

This olive branch stamp is personalized and available and different colours

Customizable hot air balloon stamp (Okay I love this one)

Ex Libris Fantasy Friends stickers

Clean and classy customizable ex libris bookplate embosser stamp

Simple personalized dragonfly stamp

Customizable ex libris typewriter stamp

Customizable stamp with geometric design

Adorable ex libris cactus stickers

Customizable botanical leaf stickers

Customizable open book stamp

Customizable stickers available in different colours

Ex Libris ribbon stamp

Beautiful botanical customizable stamp

Cute and simple customizable stamp

Clean and simple customizable rectangular stamp

Vintage looking stickers for the cat lovers out there


Looking for more? Check out more Etsy bookplates, the best gifts for book lovers, and If You Liked it You Should Have Put a Bookplate in it.

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