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Beautiful Book Wall Art To Add Color To Your Spaces

Art is one of the easiest ways to infuse a little more book love into your every day life. You can pop beautiful book wall art and bookish prints to your living room, into your kitchen or bathroom, your home library, or even on in sides of your office cubicle.

We’ve highlighted many unique book wall art options over the years, including Mary Oliver quote prints and other fun and bold bookish prints. This roundup is a general collection of prints, ranging from art inspired by specific books, to thoughtful quotes about being a reader, and to images you’ve likely not seen before but will want to scoop up ASAP.

All of these are prints you’ll get in the mail, unless otherwise noted that they’re downloadable.

Grab your wallet and a napkin to wipe away the drool and prepare to give your favorite spaces a fresh look with these bookish prints.

Beautiful Book Wall Art

How pretty is this print? Books do help you grow your brain flowers. $28 and up.


This watercolor of a woman reading in the library is dreamy. $50.



The perfect way to spend a rainy day is to read. $20 and up.


Cozy as a fox. $15.


The contrasting dark and light in this print is so appealing. $40.


If ever there were a depiction of a perfect day, it’s this reading girl in her library with a book. $28 and up.



Even bears love to read. $15.


Oh to climb into this artwork and live in this library. $28.


I’m swooning over this floral watercolor book print. $25.


This reading girl linocut is such a lovely interpretation of being worlds away while deeply inside a book. $30.



Take that famous Atwood quote, add some flowers, and make it gorgeous and important art. $11 and up.



I love the image of a varsity reading team, where all anyone does is sit around for a set period of time and read. $13.



What a stunning interpretation of The Bell Jar. $61.



The maximalist read print of my dreams. $14.



You can then also go minimal with this “books change lives” print. $18 and up.



This is such a beautiful and romantic photograph, featuring rich flowers atop a well-loved book. $22.50 and up.



This is your brain on books. $12.



If you love fairytales, this is the book wall art for you. $27 and up.



Bath + book + terrariums = the perfect art. $35 and up.



I like books and things, too! $10 and up.



This risograph reading print is so eye-catching. $16.30.


It’s so rare to see a fat person reading and lounging and letting their body be their body. This fat girl reading print is powerful. $7.


Everything about this story time print is perfection. $20 and up.


Tsundoku is a reality to which we can all relate. $30.



Look at this dapper cat gent reading a book in a cat cafe! $34.


Snuggle in with a good book, a good friend, and a sweet pet. $25 and up.



Last, but far from least, this ethereal book fairy in watercolor. It’s an original piece and can be yours for $175. You can also grab a print for $10.