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Batman V Superman: Trailer Breakdown

Kris Saldaña

Staff Writer

Kris Saldaña writes comics. When he isn't writing or collaborating, he's reading, attempting to cook, occasionally Netflix bingeing or starting more projects likely to fuel his imminent meltdown. Follow him on Twitter: @kris_saldana.

The brand new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped on Wednesday night. The teaser popped up a couple of days before and had everyone stoked, including me, for the full trailer. Superman ripping off Batman’s cowl menacingly only increased the animosity not only between the two heroes, but between the movie and the fans as well. Did this trailer relieve the tension? I break it down. (Click those gifs ya’ll).


I’m so into this trailer with the first scene. Bruce Wayne pulls up to a gala or fundraiser where Clark Kent is doing his normal human reporting. At their first confrontation they’re just roasting each other. Their banter is top notch, throwing out veiled accusations of how they operate as Batman and Superman, with Batman calling Kal El an alien to his face and a clown. Love it.

Bruce gif

How are we feeling about Affleck? Because I’m sold.

Then we get Lex. I was always down with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and with everything I’ve seen so far, I believe he’s going to do an incredible job. However, I doubt they’re going to use him again after this movie, but I’ll get to that later.


Good line: “You know the oldest lie in America Senator? It’s that power can be innocent.”

Okay so Batman is upset with Superman because of how careless he was in that fight with Zod and how he leveled all of Metropolis. (Also, did they rebuild Metropolis? Or is all of this going to take place in Gotham? Or?) We have motive for Batman to go after Superman. Not very clear on Superman’s motive on why he wants to trash Batman and, honestly, I don’t see him having any good reason. They make him look like a huge bully in this trailer, using his power to mess with Batman.

bullet supes

How many times are Batman and Superman going to fight each other? We have the desert Batman and General Superman confrontation. There’s the mech suit Batman and Superman confrontation and the Batwing/Batmobile confrontation too.

Okay, let’s talk about what’s going on at the 2 minute mark. Are those parademons? That’s the only probably explanation I can offer into those bug looking demons. If they are Darkseid’s parademons, why are they around? Are they going to introduce Darkseid?

“If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.” That’s the Superman we all know and love. I’m not going to harp on the idea that Superman isn’t very Supermanly in this trailer because to still expect that Superman is moot. Obviously this is Snyder’s Superman. There is a part of me that wishes he had done him differently from the beginning, especially for this generation who haven’t seen those Donner classics or grew up on Justice League: TAS. What we saw in MoS and in this trailer is the Superman they’re getting and that sucks.


Doomsday gif

FREAKING DOOMSDAY. I was screaming. Dooms-motherfreaking-day. Though, the excitement faded real quick. DC ruined what could have been the biggest twist ever in DCU film history. How amazing would it have been to go into that theatre so blind, not knowing that Doomsday was going to be the big bad boss at the end? I would have flipped. They should have kept this a secret. This is also why I feel like Lex isn’t going to be important to the DCU moving forward. Now we know he’s in the movie just to create Doomsday. Lex Luthor is a huge villain in the comics, he should be around to do more evil stuff later on in the movies.

More destruction. I bet those buildings are old Metropolis.


Finally. Wonder Woman. Doesn’t she look great? She’s got her shield, she’s got her sword, she’s got her tiara. What I want to know is how she’s involved and where her stake in the fight is and how she’s going to wreck Doomsday. They should have explained more about her, rather than revealing Doomsday. She’s the best.

The last shot is everything. If this is the last trailer I see before watching the movie, I’m all good to go.

Final questions: Will we only see Doomsday in one movie? Are those three going to destroy him? Why does Superman have an army? Will they tint this movie any darker? Will there be some more Jesus and Superman metaphor? Will we get another ridiculous iconic Batman voice?

Let us know in the comments!