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The first Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer just hit. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s probably because the brightness on your screen is too low. Here are my dimly lit thoughts.


Okay, here we go.

I really like the overlapping voice-overs discussing public opinion of Superman. It gives us great insight into the direction of the movie. That being said, I do not like that in the sequel, we’re already dealing with anti-Superman propaganda. Shouldn’t Superman be loved and admired by now? Why are we still dealing with the idea that Superman is this alien superpower, despised by the people who don’t understand him? I don’t want this to be the second opportunity missed in creating a Superman that is actually likeable.

Getting into the trailer, we see shots of Superman at what looks like a Day of the Dead fiesta, lifting a rocket, and standing before kneeling combat soldiers with the “S” insignia on their shoulders (Injustice: Gods Among Us reference?). Nice. I’m interested to see how those scenes come about in the film. Boy, does Cavill wear that suit well. I want a Superman saving everyone montage.

Day of the Dead Supes“We know better now, don’t we? Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky.” Pretty sure that voice is Lex Luthor’s. It sounds like Eisenberg. I want to see Lex be the supreme fear monger leading all the anti-Superman discussion, similar to Azzarello’s and Bermejo’s Luthor, since that seems to be the way they’re going.

Demon from Above

Ugh, that shot of the statue is really bad. I hate that there’s so much animosity towards Superman. It’d be different if MoS ended with a scene where Superman landed in Metropolis and its citizens (whatever was left of them) welcomed him with open arms. It would have definitely set a different precedence for this movie.

Affleck. I think he’ll be the strongest Bruce Wayne to date. Love this shot until we hear who I presume to Alfred (Jeremy Irons) say, “That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.” Way too dark. For real. Is this the Batman we’re going to see? Frank Miller ’80s Batman who wants to beat the crap out of Superman and everybody else? Why can’t Batman just be chill?

Also, this is a Batman film. You can’t look at the source material and say this movie is about Superman. If it’s a Bat film, then fine. Just don’t lead us to believe otherwise.

Ben Wayne

I liked the new Batman suit before, but have since changed my mind. Muscle contours? Also, it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to turn his neck. We solved this problem two movies ago.

Batman Cowl

Is the Batwing blowing up stuff sequence the part of the movie where Batman’s taking it to Superman’s soldiers?

Weird pan of Batman watching over Gotham at dawn… of justice?? Oh, wait. Batman’s holding a sniper rifle.

Finally, we get to see the infamous comic-con footage of Mechsuit Batman and Superman squaring up. I’ll admit, when I saw the footage last year from Hall H, I cried. More than anything those tears flowed from the boy in me stoked that we’d finally see Batman and Superman on the big screen, fighting. Now, I resent the fact that they’re pulling from The Dark Knight Returns. Don’t get me wrong. DKR is a great book, and a seminal Batman story, but thirty years later, is this the right call? I don’t want to see Batman and Superman slugging it out for two hours, or even one hour. I’m not sure if it’s the best way to introduce him into the “Snyderverse.” Batman and Superman are countermeasures to each other, so bring him in when Supes needs him, when Bats can see the things he can’t. I know at the end of the movie they’ll probably be best friends, but can we endure what comes before that?

Batman Supes Square Off

Last thing we see is the logo and that’s it. That’s the trailer.

How am I feeling after? Sad, but that’s after one trailer and a year of internet speculation. I know it’s naive to judge a movie before seeing it, so I’ll try to manage my hopelessness until 2016. Still, I feel the the purpose of a  trailer is to convince us to jump on the hype train and after that, I’m teetering at the platform.

Also, where was Wonder Woman? I wanted to see her real bad. She’s kind of the wild card since we know zilch about her role in B V.S. I hope to the Gods that they give her ample time in the movie. Please.

That’s about it. I would love to continue to discuss and speculate, so please leave your ideas below. Give me a reason to be excited for this film.



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