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Bath Book Holders Perfect for Reading Dates

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It took me a while to find the true joy in reading in the bathtub, and one of the big reasons for that was not having any good bath book holders. But as bath book holders have become more mainstream and show up in more photos of people enjoying a soak with a book (and candles and a drink), it’s become easier than ever to curl into a good read while covered in bubbles.

Are you in the market for book bath holders? You’re in luck! Here are a handful of great options to make your reading life level up.

Bath Book Holders for Safe Bubbly Reads

This bamboo bathtub book holder features cup holders for wine, tea, or coffee, along with space for a candle and bath necessities. $50.

Made from Australian hardwood, this book holder is perfect for readers who prefer a more minimalist design. $60 and up.

This book holder doubles as a great tray for reading in bed, too. $36.

These handmade book bath holders let you customize with pretty graphics, and they feature a spot perfect for a glass of wine. $80 and up.

All of the reviews for this bamboo book tray rave about how gorgeous and sturdy it is. Perfect for both print and digital book reading. $50.

Choose from white or dark gray for this minimal book holder. Plenty of room for your book, a drink, and, of course, candles. $40 and up.

If I didn’t already own my own book bath holder, I’d want this live edge one. $61 and up.

Besides the cute hearts and “shhh!,” this book bath tray offers built-in candle holders. $50 and up.

For fans of the rustic look. $91 and up.

If you’d like some color options for your bath book holder, you’ll love the choices on this one (which includes two spaces for holding drinks and three for candles). $72 and up.

This cedar bath book caddy is narrower than most, perfect for those who don’t need too much room for their bath reading necessities. $145 and up.

Ever heard of mango wood? This gorgeous book holder is made of it, and you can customize it with drink and candle holders, book supports, and even personalization. $62 and up.

Maybe wood isn’t your jam when it comes to book bath holders. This acrylic option is gorgeous, sleek, and safe from water. $105 and up.

A pretty chrome book tray option. $32.

While it makes me a little nervous, perhaps you’ll fall in love with this floating book holder for your bath time reading. $45.

Last but not least, if you want no frills, you’ll love this basic adjustable book holder, which still has room for your glass and a candle. $25.

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