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Quiz Time: Can You Guess The Baby-Sitters Club Books By A Portion Of Their Cover?

Kelly Jensen


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Let’s play a game called “name that book by a mere portion of the book cover.” This edition will focus entirely on books in the Baby-Sitters Club series, since the fans of that series are fierce, fanatic, and likely will have no problem getting all of these right.

Or will they? Will you?

Time to find out.



Over the course of the series, there were a total of 131 books published. These will all be cover snippets from the classic jackets for the original print of the BSC books. To make this a little easier, I’ve left the Super Specials, Mysteries, and spin-off series out. Each cover has been focused on one part of the image, and each image below is roughly 400 by 400 pixels.

Take your best guess at the title, then check your answers at the very bottom of the post and drop a comment to share which ones were a breeze and which ones made you really scratch your head.






































Scroll down for the answers…







1. Dawn’s Big Move, 2. Jessi and The Troublemaker, 3. Boy-Crazy Stacey, 4. Mary Anne and The Search for Tigger, 5. Kristy and the Walking Disaster, 6. Mallory and The Dream Horse, 7. Claudia and The New Girl, 8. Mallory on Strike, 9. Claudia and The Middle School Mystery, 10. The Truth About Stacey, 11. Mary Anne and Too Many Boys, 12. Dawn and The School Spirit War, 13. Jessi and The Superbrat, 14. Welcome To The BSC, Abby, and 15. Kristy and The Baby Parade.