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The Best Baby-Sitters Club Gifts And Merch

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Whether it’s Kristy’s Great Idea by Anne M. Martin and the thousands of sequels it spawned, or the graphic novel versions by Raina Telgemeier, and Gale Galligan, the Baby-Sitters Club was, is, and always will be legendary. It taught a generation of children that they could be supportive, powerful and entrepreneurial individuals, and that Claudia Kishi was the absolute best thing on earth. It’s time to celebrate the legacy of the club with some of the best Baby-Sitters Club gifts and merch out there.

Babysitters Club Name TeeheyOKAYOK @ Etsy

Now, you can get Baby-Sitters gifts with just the ‘originals’ on, but because Jessi and Mallory are awesome, I picked this one. Bonus points for anybody who manages to design a tee in the future that references Logan as well.

Baby Sitter's Club Racer Tee

CreativiTeeShirts @ Etsy

I love these covers with a fiery passion. They’re iconic. ICONIC. I am also very pleased that this tee also celebrates fabulous sweatshirts.

Baby Sitters Club Wrapped Pencils

bouncingballcreation @ Etsy

There are BSC themed pencils to take all of your babysitting appointments in. It’s BSCeption. Or something. Look, these are great and even though I never knew wrapped pencils were a thing, these fill a very particular need in my soul.

Baby Sitters Club Movie Tee

VTGdallas @ Etsy

You can represent the movie with this piece of deliciously ’90s Baby-Sitters Club merch.

Babysitters Club Merch Stoneybrook Teefriendlyletters @ teepublic

You must accessorise this tee this with the highest pony you can muster. It’s the law.
Baby Sitters Club Pin

WearableCollectibles @ Etsy

I’d like to say I haven’t told everybody I know about this pin, but I’m lying. Isn’t it great? Excuse me. I have to go and tweet about it some more.

Baby Sitters Club Book on Babysitting

radvintagekids @ Etsy

It’s time for another piece of back in the day Baby-Sitters Club merch. This is a guide to baby-sitting and you get to take notes on how good your baby-sitting is, and honestly, how can you not love that.

Babysitters Club Merch Claudia TeeGilesField @ Redbubble

It’s true. It’s damn true. What better note to end this list of Baby-Sitters Club gifts on?

Wait — better note: find out which member of the Baby-Sitters Club you are by planning your dream wedding in this quiz!

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