Owl Bookends Too Awesome Not To Own

It’s true: sometimes you own too many books to even consider having a set or ten of bookends. But have you ever considered having a bookshelf dedicated solely to bookends? Or using the tops and sides of your shelves for them? Because these owl bookends are too awesome not to give some serious space to on your shelves.


awesome vintage owl bookends


One of my favorite hobbies is hitting up the antique store and seeking out cute, vintage owl items. I’ve got a fun set of bookends, as well as a few pieces of wall art and stained glass—all of which predate my birth. Whether you’re interested in modern and contemporary styles or love a good vintage look, you’ll be eager to snag these some of these owl-themed bookends. You can get them online in a couple of clicks without ever needing to spend hours perusing antique shops (though, of course, you could make finding these any of these bookends your goal in an antiquing outing, too).

Prices for these bookends range from reasonable to big-ole splurge.


Vintage, Modern, and Antique Owl Bookends On Etsy

If the vintage bookend you covet happens to be sold out, poke around some more on Etsy or in your local antique shop. Chances are, you can stumble upon it or another set of bookends you love just as much. Many here are one of a kind or special handmade items.


Metal Owl Bookends


Sold individually, you can pick up one, two, or six of these metal owls to suit your needs. $49.


Retro Owl Bookends

Vintage retro owls, $54 for the set.


owl bookend figurines

Choose from a number of color options with these vintage owls, $24.


HL Judd Cast Iron Owl Bookends

H.L. Judd vintage cast iron owls, $200.


Lefton Owl Bookends


A pair of bookends featuring owls on books. Lefton is the brand. $20.


Vintage Alabaster Owl Bookends


Vintage alabaster owls, $37.


Single owl bookend


For the reader who has little room for a pair of bookends, snap up this single owl bookend. $14. If you’d like a set of this style, you can snag the pair of owls for $43.


White Metal Owl Bookends


White metal owl, with fellow birds, $59.


Chalkware owl bookends


Cute chalkware vintage owls. These are the ones I found at an antique store, though they hadn’t yet been painted. $22. Similar chalkware owls can be found here for $20. Grab another pair of the chalkware owls here for $15.


owl bookends


How cute are these 1960s vintage owls? $38.


vintage wooden owl bookends


Vintage wooden owls, $46.


Wooden vintage owl bookends


Another great set of wooden owls, featuring a more judgmental set of fine feathered friends, $32.


Brass wise student owl bookends


Set of wise student owls, made of brass. $59.


Ceramic owl bookends


Ceramic owl bookends, $18.


night owl bookends


Sleepy night owls, $35.


vintage ceramic owl bookends


Ceramic vintage owls—dig that sweet midcentury color scheme, too! $21.50.


Plywood owl bookends


Cute carved owls, $27 each.


Unique metal owl bookends


Unique—and adorable!—metal owl, $68.


Vintage wood and metal bookends


I feel like I had these bookends growing up. Cute wood and metal etched owls, $18.


good books are a hoot owl bookends


The owls are exactly what they seem here: in love with books. Good books are a hoot owls, $25.


brass owl pair bookends


How sweet are these owl couples? These brass owls are $75.


alabaster owl bookends


Alabaster owl set, $80.


owls on books brass bookends


Brass owls on books. Look at them protecting those books! $165.


Aqua owl bookends


Vintage owls, but in a nice aqua tone. $32.


midcentury alabaster owl bookends


This midcentury alabaster owl set is hard not to love, $135.


black wooden owl bookends


For something a little different—and maybe more intense—how about these wooden owls? $15.


brass owl bookends


Brass owls, $47.



Ceramic baby owl bookends


Look at the little owlets! These ceramic owls are $16.


metal owls on a branch bookends


Metal bookends featuring owls on a branch, $73.



marble and alabaster owl bookends


Marble and alabaster bookends with owls, $30.


cast iron owl bookends


Those owls with books bookends are cast iron, so you know it’s a long-term love affair between ’em. $28.


Modern and Contemporary Owl bookends Beyond Etsy

Though vintage and antique as well as unique handmade bookends are awesome, sometimes you want something more modern. Here are some awesome bookends featuring owls for readers who prefer a more contemporary, modern look or who prefer their items to be brand new. Many of these can be found at multiple online retailers.


wide eyed owl bookends


Wide-eyed owl bookends, $49.


red owl bookends


These red owls are perfect for those with a smaller budget and with smaller books to keep in line. $13.


green stoneware owl bookends


Stoneware owls in green, $63.


hand-carved wooden owl bookends


Hand-carved wooden owls, $30.


Great Horned Owl Bookends


What large feet these Great Horned Owls have! $36.


resin owl bookends


Resin owls on branches, $55.


standing owl bookends


Standing owl bookends, $30.


Jonathan Adler owl book ends


Jonathan Adler unglazed porcelain owl bookends, $195.


handmade and unique owl bookends


Unique, handmade owls, $30.


handmade and hand-painted owl bookends


These handmade and hand-painted bookends are so life-like! $74 for each side.


decorative owl bookends


Decorative—but functional—bookends, $50.


Do-It-Yourself Owl Bookends

Prefer to make some awesome and wholly original bookends? Here are some great tutorials to help you DIY bookends for yourself or another owl lover in your life.



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