8 Books With Covers That Remind Us of Autumn

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Olivia Páez

Staff Writer

Olivia Páez is a Cuban-American journalism major. When she’s not writing articles for her classes, you can probably find her devouring a novel or watching a classic film. Along with reading and watching films, she has a hodgepodge of interests. Some of them include writing, sketching, traveling, dressing up as some of her favorite characters, and caring for the environment.

Autumn has the best aesthetic of all the seasons. The color schemes of fall outfits, decorations, and foods are all cozy and warm-toned. There’s burnt orange, deep yellows, dark reds, and brown hues that blanket our closets and decor during the autumnal time of the year, so why not show off some books that share the same aesthetic, too? Here are some books with covers that remind me of autumn in their hues and by the illustrations they have on them! 

Mooncakes cover imageMooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu

Mooncakes’s cover has a muted yellow hue complete with an adorable witch and werewolf on the cover that just screams Halloween time. And the art inside this fantastical young adult graphic novel is sure to get any reader in the spooky spirit, too. 

Nova, a teenage witch, works at her grandmother’s bookstore in between investigating supernatural happenstances in her neighborhood. One night, she comes across Tam, a werewolf and Nova’s childhood crush, battling a demon horse. Together, they form a team to stop this demon horse from terrorizing their town while also exploring their newfound feelings for one another as magic, mayhem, and love blossoms within this story. 

The Shadow of the Wind by Carols Ruiz Zafon book coverThe Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

This novel has a multitude of covers, but each one of them gives off major autumnal vibes, no matter what. The Shadow of the Wind is an atmospheric novel set in Barcelona, 1945. During that time, a boy named Daniel follows his father to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, where he is able to pick out one novel to take home with him. Drawn to one particular story, Daniel chooses “The Shadow of the Wind” written by a man named Julian Carax. 

Daniel falls in love with the fictional world Carax has created and longs to read more of his work. That is until he realizes someone is destroying every book that this mysterious author has published. Set on finding out more about this author’s past, Daniel dedicates his time to digging into Carax’s past full of magic, mystery, and intrigue, setting Daniel on a journey that will change his life forever.

an enchantment of ravens book coverAn Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson 

Full of colors that remind me of autumn and with a raven to boot, An Enchantment of Ravens has an illustrated book cover that can get any reader in the autumnal spirit. Isobel is a portrait artist tasked with the opportunity to paint the autumn prince, Rook. But she makes a fatal mistake by painting sorrow in Rook’s portrait, which can endanger him as a royal faerie. 

Together, Rook and Isobel must rely on each other to survive in the cut-throat world of the fairy courts where Isobel’s art has the power to evoke emotions from others and change the lives of the fair folk, forever.

Pride by Ibo Zoboi CoverPride by Ibi Zoboi

Pride’s bronze-colored, intricately crafted book cover still takes my breath away whenever I admire it. The russet, metallic design reminds me of autumn in terms of the decor and color schemes that take center stage during this time of year. Not only is this book gorgeous on the outside, but it is just as stunning inside. This Pride and Prejudice retelling set in Brooklyn centers a girl named Zuri who does not get along with her new, very wealthy neighbor, Darcy whose aloof demeanor sets pushes her buttons. 

Pride explores the stress of applying to colleges, the gentrification of Zuri’s hometown, and learning not to let your snap judgments rule your thoughts. 

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya MenonBook CoverWhen Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple wearing a bright orange outfit while sipping on a cup of coffee is reminiscent of the fall-themed outfits wear on chilly afternoons when the sky is gloomy and dark. Sandhya Menon’s debut young adult novel follows a girl named Dimple whose world gets turned upside down when she bumps into the boy she’s arranged to marry during a summer program they both are attending. 

Dimple is all for breaking the rules, while Rishi is one who loves tradition. Can these two opposites make it work and find love with each other?

The City Of Brass book coverThe City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty

City of Brass’s cover is full of autumnal colors and a blazing fire that reminds me of bonfire nights during chilly fall nights with friends. This fiery fantasy novel set in the 18th century Cairo follows Nahri, who accidentally summons a djinn despite her previous skepticism towards magic. Caught in a whirlwind of magic and politics, Nahri will have to try her best to navigate this new world that she never imagined could have existed before.  

Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell Book CoverPumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

There’s nothing more autumnal than the cover for Pumpkinheads. This adorable graphic novel is set in a pumpkin patch during the last day of the season. Deja and Josiah have worked alongside one another in this patch for years and are working their last shift in the patch before they both go off to their first year at college. 

Rather than dwelling on the impending end to their favorite job, Deja plans to introduce Josiah to his crush that he’s had for years in between going through corn mazes, trying out all the tasty treats, and going on an endless amount of detours through this adorable pumpkin patch.  

To Drink Coffee With a Ghost by Amanda LovelaceTo Drink Coffee with a Ghost by Amanda Lovelace

When I think of autumn, I think of Amanda Lovelace, especially her poetry collection To Drink Coffee with a Ghost. The autumnal illustrations continue throughout this collection centered around grief, a mother’s love and the pain she can also cause, generational trauma, and found family. This collection will remind readers that while our past may cut, we must remember that our future has the power to heal.

Are there any other books with covers that remind you of autumn?