Look at These Authors’ Adorable Pets and Feel Better about Life

Are you having a rough day? Is something getting you down?

Let me present: amazing authors’ adorable animals from Instagram. You’re welcome.

Oh my goodddd. Mackenzi Lee got a new puppy named Queenie, and there are some QUALITY pictures of her on Lee’s Instagram.

Pupper doesn’t know tree isn’t food! My eyes are literal hearts.

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Caught her reading 📚

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Daniel José Older is so literary, even his CAT is into reading. Get on his level.

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Seriously, my little loaf, what makes you so mournful on this sunny downtown day? ☺️🐶❤️ #corgisofinstagram

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Sad dogs are like my kryptonite, and Marie Lu’s corgi is DELIVERING. This is what I shall hold onto until her next book is in my hands.

Hi, Alyssa Cole? Your books are awesome and your cat is SUPER ADORABLE. I got a little distracted when writing this post because 1) I realized I needed to finish Duke by Default, and 2) YOU HAVE SO MANY GREAT PICTURES OF YOUR CAT. 10/10 would suggest you go follow on Instagram.

Not only did Justina Ireland write the superbadass Dread Nation, she also has a million pictures of her super adorable dog and cat on her instagram. Hi, hello, this is my jam.

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Alice calls a house meeting. #alice #mycats

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Seanan Mcguire has perhaps the best collection of cat pictures I’ve seen. Look at how majestic that cat is. LOOK AT IT.

I am 1000% here for adopted animals finding a home, and yes I do get very emotional about it.

Erika, your cat is good at being adorable. That’s what she is good for 🙂

Maurene Goo’s cat has its own Instagram and it is quality, and that is all you need to know (well, you also need to know that her books are awesome, too).

Not only Sandhya Menon’s books super delightful, her dog is as well. We are glad you have recovered, Ollie!

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