The Authors for Ukraine Auction Is Raising Money for Ukraine Crisis Fund



Always books. Never boring.

Mystery author Amy Patricia Meade has organized an auction of signed and dedicated books from more than 170 different authors. The mystery genre, unsurprisingly, makes a strong showing in the books up for sale, but there is a selection of genres on offer, as well as some picture books.

The auction started March 29 and runs until April 12th. It originally had a goal of $5,000, but after beating that before the first day was up, it’s been increased to $50,000.

In addition to signed and dedicated books, there are also some opportunities to name a character in an upcoming book.

All money raised will go to CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund, which will provide emergency supplies of food, water, and other supplies and assistance to Ukrainians.

The auction is only open to U.S. and Canada addresses, but you can also choose to donate directly. Find out more at the auction.