Thomas Maluck

“Why Would You Want To Encourage Gay People?”: LGBTQ+ Representation In Libraries

Thomas discusses why it's important to have LGBTQ+ materials in a library collection, and positive and negative responses he's received as a result.

Rebirth Green Lanterns: Crossing (Out) Jordan

Thomas discusses his enthusiasm for the decision to focus on Green Lanterns other than Hal Jordan in the Rebirth series GREEN LANTERNS.

What’s On Your Pull List? June 8, 2016

Each week, one Panelteer shares what's on their pull list. This week, Thomas discusses the new titles he's excited about.

“You Got Power, You Got To Use It Right”: Reflections On Preacher

If The Story Matters, Then Spoilers Matter

There are people who argue that spoilers don't matter, but Thomas disagrees. If the story matters, then spoilers matter too.

Valiant Summit 2016: Five Reasons I’m Excited

The Valiant Summit, announcing new titles and creative teams, happened this week, and here's why Thomas is excited.

Five Existential Convention Crises

Sometimes attending a comic con can lead to convention crises. Thomas recounts 5 common thoughts from attendees.

How I Fell In Love With Valiant Comics

Thomas discusses how he fell in love with Valiant Comics, and why you need to give them a try if you haven't already.

Transforming Gatekeepers Into Gateways

Thomas writes about his experiences transforming fandom gatekeepers into gateways to share mutual love of a thing.

What’s Your Comics Reading Speed?

What's your comics reading speed? Does it depend on the kind of comics you're reading?