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Tiffani Willis

Tiffani C. Willis spends as much as time as she is able to traveling the universe by book and sometimes by, plane, train, boat, or car. When she’s not off on an adventure in a faraway land or trying to solve a mystery like a detective, Tiffani uses her powers as an academic librarian to help students survive school as they learn how to do research and write research papers. She spends her spare time rambling, raving, and ranting about books on her blog Passport Books, camping out in bookstores, and obsessively watching HGTV, usually with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine nearby. Twitter: @PassportBooks

6 Places to Find Free Romance Audiobooks (At Least Temporarily)

Six places to find free romance audiobooks and stories, including podcasts, subscription services with free trial periods, libraries, and more.

My Neighborhood Barnes & Noble Is Closing and I’m Sad About It

A neighborhood once flush with bookstores is losing its Barnes & Noble--the fourth store it's lost in recent years.

Literary Lunch Boxes and Other Bookish Collections

Collecting book related like literary themed lunch boxes, bookmarks, and bookplates has become a minor obsession of mine. What do yo collect?

Reading Rituals

Do you have a reading ritual? Is there a routine you follow before beginning and after ending a book? How did it start and why do you do it?

Collecting with a Purpose: Creating a Book Collection

Reasons and tips for creating a book collection organized around a central topic, like a well curated, personalized reading list.

Movies: My (Sometimes) Gateway to Great Books

Movies and how they help one reader dig into great books.

Happy National Higher Education Day, From a Librarian

Celebrating National Higher Education Day, a reader remembers how higher education enabled her to accomplish life long goals of traveling and reading more.

Bookshelf Revisit: What’s on Your Bookshelf, and Why?

Do a bookshelf revisit and ask why the books on your shelf are there. Is it the cover, the story, sentimentality, or something else entirely?

Mysteries and More from Cassava Republic Press

Nigeria-based Cassava Republic Press is changing how the world thinks about African writing by producing a variety of high quality fiction and nonfiction.

My Second Favorite Holiday: The LA Times Festival of Books

The joy and comfort of celebrating books and reading at the Festival of Books!