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Sarah Smeltzer

Sarah Smeltzer is a writer and educator in Minneapolis. Born and raised in Minnesota, she recognizes that lakes are the best and spookiest bodies of water around. When she's not teaching, she's usually writing stories, rollerskating, cuddling her dog, or researching medieval women's mysticism.

I Am Become Pain, The Destroyer of Words

Physical pain is a surprisingly elusive thing to write. It’s not for lack of experience: we all know what pain ...

Literary Tourism: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Other than a brief interlude in Ohio for college, I have lived in Minneapolis or Minneapolis-adjacent my entire life. People ...

26 Cozy Winter Books for Preschoolers

Remember the magic of fresh snow in the winter? Bundle up toasty warm with your little ones and these cozy winter books for preschoolers.

Growing Up With TWILIGHT

Who can I blame for how much I loved TWILIGHT as a tween? Read this argument for respecting your teen adoration of this text.

13 Steamy Erotic Poems

Searching for the right poem to warm you up? Read this list of 13 of the best erotic poems, from classics to the contemporary.

Times When One Direction Were Actually Renaissance Poets

Pairing One Direction lyrics with quotations from Renaissance-era poetry yields interesting conversation about the nature of love, loss, and a lot of fire.

Women, Trauma, and Haunted Houses

How do women experience the haunted house in fiction? An exploration of the haunted house as an expression of trauma due to misogyny.

Fictional Sisters With Tough Relationships

Compelling fictional sisters are one of the most satisfying relationships to read. Here are some literary sisters with complicated relationships.

Classic Literary Monsters Rated For Kissability

The classic literary monsters don't get enough love. This post rates underappreciated monstrous figures based on kissability.

9 Ways To Get Free Or Cheap Kids’ Books

Read on to find a list of ways you can get free or cheap kid's books when you are on a budget and need affordable options.

“Idiot Teenagers With A Death Wish:” Why Animorphs is the Social Commentary on War We Need

How the Animorphs series gives us new ways to think about war, while at the same time honoring child readers.

Processing Trauma with Ovid

"Connecting with literature isn’t always about feeling inspired or hopeful. Sometimes, it’s about recognition."