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Sara Kern

Sara Kern is a twenty-something freelance writer with a Master’s in comic books. Sort of. She likes to think about feminism and diversity in all sorts of media, but always considers herself a constructive critic. To find out more, follow her on Twitter or Instagram @smileawhilesara.

5 Strategies to Make Your Comic Shop More Kid-Friendly

How can you make your comic shop (or recommend your local comic shop) more kid friendly? Sara's got some strategies for you.

Why I Broke Up with Harley Quinn

Sara loved Harley Quinn, but realized that the character was defined by an abusive relationship and was not a positive representation of women.

Comics = Time Travel

Because of the way comics are structured and laid out, reading them is a form of time travel.

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Sara takes a look at possible future X-Men movie storylines after she didn't hate X-Men: Apocalypse.

4 Ways to Tell if Women Comics Characters Are Empowered

How can you tell if a lady comics character has agency? Here are 4 ways Sara does so.

On Breaking Up with Harley Quinn

What made Sara realize she had to break up with one of her favorite comic book characters Harley Quinn?