Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

River H. Kero

River Kero (he/him) is a queer Canadian artist who has just graduated with a BFA and lives in Vancouver, BC. His practice consists mostly of graphic novel work, scriptwriting, prose, and illustration. He lives with his younger brother, their dog Pogo, and his cat Matilda.

What’s it Like to Volunteer at an Anarchistic Bookstore?

I decided to become a volunteer at my local anarchistic bookstore during the pandemic. This is what it's like.

To Club or Not to Club? The Benefits of Reading Alone

These days, there's an emphasis on the "reading community". Do we need book clubs and a community, or are there merits to reading alone?

A Review of Filthy Figments: An Erotic Comics Website

Curious about feminist erotic webcomics? Here's a review of Filthy Figments and some of the best comics available.

How Much Does Annotating Help You Remember What You Read?

Studying and note taking aren't typically things you would want to do in your free time. However, annotation is an incredible tool.

The History of the Underground Comix Movement

As long as books have been around, books have been banned. Comics and graphic novels are, of course, no exception.

10 Graphic Novels by Indigenous Authors

It's a new year, and as always it is a good day to support Indigenous authors. Challenge yourself and decolonize your bookshelf with titles like Moonshot.

The Coming Out Narrative: We Deserve More

For the LGBTQ+ community, the coming out narrative is extremely important... but there are other stories that should be told about queerness.

A History of Tijuana Bibles

In the 1920s-1960s, most sexual writing and illustration was illegal. Enter the Tijuana Bibles, a genre of early underground dirty comics.

8 Graphic Memoirs by Trans Authors

In the last few years, we have seen a boom in books written by trans authors. Here are some graphic trans memoirs right on the cutting edge.

A History of Zines

Zines have travelled a long way before arriving on your bookshelf or computer screen… so let’s take a little look at where they’ve been!