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Rah Froemming-Carter

Rah Froemming-Carter is a British introvert with perhaps too much time on their hands. This time gets filled attempting to devour as many books as possible in a constant struggle to read more than they buy. In between reading these assorted tomes and comic books they might be found blogging, writing first drafts of fantasy novels, or knitting oversized scarves. A firm believer in filling life with things they can get excited about, Rah directs this passion towards a plethora of topics including feminism, philosophy, queer representation, Victorian culture, and Harry Potter. One day they plan to finish writing that novel, and to take up beekeeping. Blog: Schrodinger's Triceratops Twitter: triceratops23

LGBTQ Cooks and Their Cookbooks for Pride Month

Support LGTBQ cooks and food writers this Pride Month and beyond by picking up a copy of one of these excellent cookbooks.

15 Of The Best Fantasy Authors Who Are Still Publishing Books

Fifteen of the best modern fantasy authors (and their must-read books) whose works and worlds are just waiting for you to immerse yourself in.

2018 Lambda Literary Award Winners Announced

Check out the winners of the 30th Lambda Literary Awards for LGBTQ writing!

2018’s Bisexual Book Award Winners

Last night the winners of the Sixth Annual Bisexual Book Awards: Books of 2017 were announced at a ceremony in ...

Kickstart this! LEGO Library

Most of us book-lovers are library-lovers. Stopping by our public or school library whenever we can. Fidgeting with excitement over ...

21 Books About the Women of LUMBERJANES

Who are the women behind the names? Collected here are books by or about the women named in the first six volumes of LUMBERJANES.

Affirming Trans Books For Trans Visibility Day And Beyond

Uplifting books that affirm trans and queer identities.

Visit London’s Radical Bookstores

Whether you call it home or you're visiting, the next time you're walking around London, pay a visit to these radical bookstores that highlight diversity.

Teen Guides to Activism

Young people are becoming more heard in issues that affect them: gun violence, climate change, sexism, police brutality, and more. Here are a few teen guides to activism to encourage safe and effective protesting and change-making.

14 Books About Houses That Are Alive

Whether supernaturally or just symbolically, the houses in these novels are alive.

A Round-Up of Films Inspired By Shakespeare

The works of William Shakespeare have saturated our culture worldwide. Through colonialism and globalisation, his stories have spread. And wherever ...

Curl Up Tight: Great Gothic Tales for Winter

Dig into some delicious gothic tales perfect for winter reading.

The Joys of Reading in the Bath

Waterproof Kindles might make bath time reading easier, but it's always been a readerly pleasure.

20 Mistakes Paddington Bear Made So We Don’t Have To

Fish fingers aren’t a helpful or welcome addition to any biology dissection class.

Book Recommendations for the Crew of the Original Star Trek Enterprise

What the crew of the Star Trek Enterprise (the original one!) would read.