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Michelle Anne Schingler

Michelle Anne Schingler, a former librarian and Hebrew school teacher, is the managing editor at Foreword Reviews. Her days are books, books, books; she knows how lucky that makes her.  Twitter: @mschingler

Reading CUNT in Public (And Other Ways to Let Books Help You Through This Week)

After watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford relive her trauma in the Kavanaugh investigation, one reader found solace in Inga Muscio's feminist classic.

50 Walt Whitman Quotes And Poems for Every Occasion

These Walt Whitman quotes will likely inspire you to dig farther into the mystical, tactile wonder that is Leaves of Grass.

No, I Didn’t “Forget” that Classic Book on My List

"I would encourage anyone who's considering writing "but you forgot...!" in the comments section of a book list to stop and reconsider."

9 Nonfiction Titles that Should Exist (but Don’t)

A collection of candid photographs of celebrity laundry rooms. A feminist history of Tupperware. Here are 9 nonfiction books we want.

5 Popular Books That Are Still Worth Reading Now That the Hype Has Died Down

Maybe you weren't ready to read them, or another book came along; if you haven't already, we think you should check out these buzzy backlist books.

Following the STATION ELEVEN Trail

"I filled the car with gas, decided against making a temporary "Survival is Insufficient" bumper sticker, and took off."

Publishers to Watch: Orenda Books

Unexpected, great reading experiences are like diving down a rabbit hole, or a new addiction that must be chased.  You ...

The Perfect Reading Chair

One reader's search for the perfect reading chair, which must be cozy, supportive, and cushy.

You Can’t Always ARC What You Want

A reader talks about arranging her to-be-read around Advance Review Copies, and the disappointment that comes with denied ARCs.

I Can’t Handle This Reality, So I’m Reading Science Fiction

Coming home from protests too exhausted to handle literary fiction? Try the hopefulness of science fiction.

On SHARP OBJECTS and Not Demanding That Our Women Leads be Perfect

In response to The Atlantic's "The Lazy Trope of the Unethical Female Journalist," a piece that criticizes the protag of SHARP OBJECTS.

10 Literary References to stop THE LAST JEDI Spoilers Dead in Their Tracks

If you still haven't seen THE LAST JEDI and are doing all that you can to avoid reveals, here are ten literary references to deflect those ubiquitous spoilers.

Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: My Books

If you find yourself stuck in an airport or a busy terminal this holiday season, look around. There just may be a no-strings-attached book waiting nearby.

An Invocation for Writers: May Your Work Be Banned

A call for writers to create art that is a light in our current darkness.

I Would Not Review WHAT HAPPENED for Anything in the World

"We have reviewed Hillary to death. We did it for decades---told her what to wear, how to walk..." Why one reader will not be reviewing WHAT HAPPENED?