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Michelle Anne Schingler

Michelle Anne Schingler, a former librarian and Hebrew school teacher, is the managing editor at Foreword Reviews. Her days are books, books, books; she knows how lucky that makes her.  Twitter: @mschingler

Read Your Way Across The Multiverse: 4 Indie Titles And More

What might be in another version of this world? Explore possibility with these recent and forthcoming indie books about multiverses.

RIP To Reading Alice Walker. Long Live THE COLOR PURPLE.

In 2013, I was still fairly new to book reviewing. When I requested Alice Walker’s book, The Cushion in the ...

8 Nights of Jewish Books: A Suggested Hanukkah Reading (and Gifting!) List

We've got a list of eight great recent Jewish books here that you can go out and gelt immediately, or gift to your loved ones.

What Is Low Fantasy? Your Guide To The Subgenre

You’re walking along minding your own business and you run smack dab into an elf. Or you’re fiddling with your ...

15 Bookish Things That Millennials Have Ruined

Stack "reading lists that only featured white men" next to Toys-R-Us and blood diamonds.

30 Readalike Titles for Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

For those of you who know that rainy Sundays are for binge watching your favorite nineties television shows, I present: ...

20+ Of The Best Food Books from 2018

Get out your stretchy pants: these food books from 2018 have set the table and are ready to absolutely delight you in and beyond the kitchen.

Man Stabbed in the Antarctic Over Book Spoilers

I cannot imagine that Sergey didn’t warn Oleg. Picture it: you’re in the middle of practically nowhere—a place so desolate ...

What to Read at the End of the World

If you survived the apocalypse, what would you read? Here are some thoughts on the act of reading after the world as you know it has ceased to exist.

Every Movie You Love is a Take on a Literary Classic

"If you think about it," I said, two drinks in and very sage, "Kathleen Kelly IS Elizabeth Bennett."

“Book” Your Last Minute Autumn Getaway Now: 12+ Recommendations to Get You There

What if I told you that you could hear “Welcome to Lagos” for under twenty dollars?* That you could one-up ...

20 Awesome Post-Apocalyptic Books from 2018

The world felt like it ended in 2016. Then again in 2018. But if there’s one thing that speculative fiction ...

Quiz: Berenstein or Berenstain?

They were 100 percent the Berenstein bears. Or were they?

These Books Were Made for Crafting, and That’s Just What I’ll Do

"I make my home beautiful with the corpses of books."

Thanks A Lot, Trump: When an Old Favorite Becomes Newly Problematic

*This post contains spoilers* I have always described my favorite Dean Koontz book, Lightning, in the same spoiler-laden way: it’s ...