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Margaret Kingsbury

Margaret Kingsbury’s short stories and poems have appeared in Devilfish Review, Pulp Literature, Nonbinary Review, and Expanded Horizons. When she’s not writing BR posts, short stories, poems, novels, ANYTHING—or reading—she’s either chasing her book-eating baby or ogling books in the giant used bookstore she works at (or some other stray job she’s acquired). She and her family live in Nashville, TN and are the proud owners of many, many books. Follow her on Instagram @areaderlymom or @babylibrarians, and follow her kid lit reviews on

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Books Your Favorite Doctor Who Companions Are Reading

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7 #Ownvoices Native American Picture Books

Instead of reading books that celebrate Columbus Day, celebrate Indigenous People's Day by reading these 7 picture books by and about Native American life.

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The Books We’re Drowning In: A Bookseller’s Lament

The buzz has died down and it's time to trade in that super popular book. Now some poor used bookstore is drowning in a million copies. *Thanks.*

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While all the Discworld characters are amazing, the witches are my favs. Are you snarky Granny Weatherwax? Fun-loving Nanny Ogg? Take this quiz to find out!

50 Must-Read Fairytale Books For Kids: Middle Grade and Picture Books

Let these 50 fairytale retellings for middle grade and picture book readers spice up the well-worn "Once upon a times" and "happily ever afters."

Watch The BEL CANTO Trailer, Based On Ann Patchett’s Award-Winning Novel

Watch the first trailer for Bel Canto, Ann Patchett's award winning novel and first book-to-film adaptation, staring Julianne Moore and Ken Watanabe.