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Margaret Kingsbury’s short stories and poems have appeared in Devilfish Review, Pulp Literature, Nonbinary Review, and Expanded Horizons. When she’s not writing posts, short stories, poems, novels, ANYTHING—or reading—she’s probably teaching writing as an adjunct in a nearby college, or getting paid to ogle books in the giant used bookstore she’s worked at for ten years. She and her saxophone-playing husband live in Nashville, TN, and their pets are her books. At least, that’s how she sees it. Follow her on Twitter @MargaretKWrites, and she blogs at

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Mom reading to daughter Mom reading to daughter

The Bookish Moms Behind Book Riot

Behind many avid readers are bookish moms, so for this Mother's Day, we're celebrating all the bookish moms out there with pictures and stories of Book Riot's own bookish moms. Thanks to all the reading mothers out there!