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Lucas Maxwell

Raised in a tiny town in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lucas Maxwell grew up on comic books and Nintendo. He's failed at several jobs including stand up comedian, furniture maker, door-to-door salesman, working in a slaughter house and being a fisherman. After realizing that books were more his thing, he took on a Master's Degree in Information & Library Studies and passed with flying…well, whatever is just below aces. After working in a public library in Nova Scotia for a few years, Lucas packed up with his family and moved to the UK where he's now a school librarian in London. He blogs about the fun things he gets to do in the library at Twitter: @lucasjmaxwell

On Being a Ninja Librarian: Getting Teens Into the School Library

How to strategically (and sneakily) bring teens into the library and keep them coming back time and time again. Hence, Ninja Librarian.

Cool Bookish Places: Ryde Bookshop, Isle of Wight

Ryde bookshop on the Isle of Wight has thousands of used books for sale and is probably the biggest used bookshop on the island.

Quiet Riot: Managing Volume Levels in a School Library

How one school librarian manages noise levels in his library and still manages to keep a quiet riot.

Cool Bookish Places: Barton’s Bookshop in Leatherhead, UK

Check out Barton's Bookshop, a rad bookish place in Leatherhead, UK.

Authors’ Love Letters to Public Libraries

Authors write love letters to public libraries as part of a public library's 10th birthday celebration in Nova Scotia Canada.

Cool Bookish Places: The Minack Theatre

The Minack Theatre in Porthcurno, UK is a unique open air theatre carved out of the side of a cliff, stunning views & great performances!

PAWS to Read: Reduce Stress & Anxiety by Reading to Dogs

PAWS to Read is a program where students read to a trained therapy dog in order to reduce stress and anxiety that often come with reading aloud.

How Do You Get Teens Interested in Classic Literature? Blind Date With a Book!

The nifty way one librarian convinced his students to dig into classic literature.

How I Reached New People By Having a Poetry Open Mic in the Library

On using poetry and an open mic in the library to reach new users, both students and staff, and to spread the library's influence.

Using Twitter to Inspire Teens to Write

How one school librarian helped inspire teens to write through Twitter chats with authors.

Reaching Teens with ‘Zines in the Library

On getting teens excited with 'zines in the library.

Eve Ainsworth Talks Bullying, Self-Harm, and Writing Teens

At the school library that I manage, we have a Patron of Reading. A Patron of Reading is an author ...

Using Postcards to Recommend Your Favourite Books

Guerrilla book promotion, courtesy of postcards.

15 YA Books that Reflect Black Sabbath’s Hits

YA books that are perfect reads for Black Sabbath's greatest hits.

It’s Time to Talk Day: 10 YA Books to Get the Conversation Rolling

Here in the UK, February 2nd is Time To Talk Day 2017. It’s run by an organisation called Time to ...