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Lucas Maxwell

Raised in a tiny town in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lucas Maxwell grew up on comic books and Nintendo. He's failed at several jobs including stand up comedian, furniture maker, door-to-door salesman, working in a slaughter house and being a fisherman. After realizing that books were more his thing, he took on a Master's Degree in Information & Library Studies and passed with flying…well, whatever is just below aces. After working in a public library in Nova Scotia for a few years, Lucas packed up with his family and moved to the UK where he's now a school librarian in London. He blogs about the fun things he gets to do in the library at Twitter: @lucasjmaxwell

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The British Books Challenge is a great way to read and review authors from Britain and have a chance to win prizes and discuss great books with new people.

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Literary games that will spruce up your book club or teen program in a public or school library. Charades, basketball games and more are listed.

The Power of the Book Talk and Why School Libraries Matter

School Libraries Matter is a growing hashtag on social media surrounding the drastic removal of qualified school librarians from the UK.

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A tutorial on how to make your own comic book bookmarks using old or discarded comic books, some string, and some adhesive cardstock,

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Smart, funny and lovable dogs to read about in memory of dogs you've lost.

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Cool Comics Places: Dave’s Comics in Brighton, UK.

Dave's Comics in Brighton UK is a unique comic book shop filled with toys, games, posters, back issue comics and of course graphic novels.

To the Person Who Stole My Calvin and Hobbes Books

That time when someone stole the majority of my Calvin and Hobbes from my bookshelf. I reflect on what the books have taught me over the years.

Mystery Skype: Inject Some Excitement Into Your Book Club!

A Mystery Skype is played by having two groups asking yes or no question of each other in order to ascertain where in the world each other are.

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An interview with Beth Garrod, author of Super Awkward and the recently published Truly Madly Awkward, books about surviving teen life.

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Crooked Timber Books in Digby, Nova Scotia Canada is a beautiful bookshop overlooking a serene harbour. Filled with great books, it's not to be missed.

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Places around the UK that are ideal for taking photos of the books you are currently reading are highlighted and discussed.

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Hosting a high school book award puts you in touch with great authors, lets you meet new students and teachers, and helps create a buzz around reading.