Leah Rachel von Essen

Leah Rachel von Essen is a writer and editor who gets most of her reading done while walking. She works full-time as a magazine assistant editor, while also reviewing for Booklist, writing for Book Riot and other publications, writing her blog, and working on writing and querying her novels. She uses her spare time to watch women's soccer, travel, and sometimes even sleep. Originally from New Jersey, she came to the South Side of Chicago to study magical realism, surrealism, fairy tales, religious studies, and the forms of the novel at the University of Chicago. She, her cat Ms. Nellie Bly, and her two large bookshelves live reading-and-walking distance from Lake Michigan. Leah writes about the books she's reading at While Reading and Walking. Twitter: @reading_while

Endorsing Sansa Stark for the Iron Throne

Inspired by history lessons and her character growth in GAME OF THRONES, I am officially endorsing Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell, for the Iron Throne.

Read Your Way Through Mexico City

A Book Lover’s Guide to Mexico City

Reading Pathways: Where to Begin with Nnedi Okorafor

A Love Letter To Books That Tell You How They End

Why books that begin by giving away the ending deserve their due, and why they give us a glimpse into what actually matters about storytelling.

How Novels Full Of IMs And Email Gave Young Girls A Voice

The dislike of YA made up of texts, emails, and instant messaging was rooted in a classic backlash against anything that young women find their voices in.

The Best Comics We Read In November 2018

Rioters share the best comics they read in November because who doesn't want more comics to read?!

Did William Goldman or S. Morgenstern write THE PRINCESS BRIDE?

"I think it says a lot about Goldman, and the man and writer he was, that he never let the magic die, never let it fall."

20 Gifts for Neil Gaiman Fans in Your Life

In honor of Neil Gaiman's birthday, here are 20 gift ideas, from pins to wood-cuts to candles to shoes, for the Gaiman fans in your life.

Author of THE NIGHT CIRCUS Coming Out with New Book in 2019

Seven years after the publication of her hit THE NIGHT CIRCUS, Erin Morgenstern's fantasy THE STARLESS SEA will be released in late 2019.

50 Must-Reads of Slavic Literature

From Belarus to Bosnia to Bulgaria to Croatia and more, there's a wealth of Slavic literature out there. And here are some must-reads to check out.

Brooklyn Bookstore Plans an Event to Hex Brett Kavanaugh

Catland Books, a independent bookstore in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, is planning to hold an event next Saturday to hex Brett Kavanaugh.

How DC Bombshells Makes Me Feel Comfortable in My Queer Skin

How Wonder Woman's bisexuality helped one Rioter to feel like she was allowed to celebrate her own pansexuality and pride.

Christopher Paolini Releasing a New Book in the World of ERAGON

Seven years after Christopher Paolini's BRISINGR wrapped up the bestselling Inheritance Cycle, the author is releasing THE FORK, THE WITCH, AND THE WORM.

Visit 15 of the Oldest Libraries in the World