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Laura Sackton

Laura Sackton is a lifelong reader, writer, and lover of made up worlds. In a past life she ran a small organic vegetable farm. She's currently living on a tiny island thirty miles out to sea. When she's not busy working as a landscaper, she spends her days wrangling a novel-in-progress, chasing her dog across the moors, and spending as much time as physically possible in the ocean, and reading (but not at the same time). Blog: Book Open

3 Bullet Journal Book Spreads that Have Improved My Reading Life

Some great ideas for how to use various bullet journal book spreads to help organize, track, and take joy in your reading.

To My Fellow Hogwarts Houseless: You Are Not Alone

Don't let anyone make you feel like you're not allowed to truly love Harry Potter because you don't have (or want to have) a Hogwarts House.

7 Fantastic Queer Sequels Coming in 2018

7 queer sequels coming in 2018 that you'll want to read immediately, from fantasy to historical fiction.

Pretend Your House is a Library: A Strategy for Actually Reading the Books You Own

One reader shares how she organizes her unread books to help you on your "reading the books you own" project!

Inbox/Outbox: January 26, 2018

What books did you acquire (inbox) and finish (outbox) this week?

3 Standalone Comics Featuring Queer Women (and Happy Endings!)

Excellent standalone comics featuring queer women in love who end up happily ever after. For when the world is a trash heap and you just can't.

3 Essay Anthologies That Aren’t About Writing

We love a good book about books, but these essay anthologies are about other interesting things!

15 Amazing Books I Would Never Have Read If Not For Read Harder

The best books one reader discovered because of the annual Read Harder challenge.

What I Learned From Reading 300+ Books in 2017

Last year, one reader let herself read more, and more widely. Here's what she learned.

Please Don’t Listen to These Excellent Audiobooks While Eating

Here are a few of the audiobooks we've enjoyed while cleaning, driving, knitting, or walking the dog. Anything but eating (consider yourself warned).

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Queer Parents in Fiction

Mini-reviews of novels and comics featuring queer parents!

I Buy Books Exclusively for These 5 Reasons

A reader asks what it takes to get her to actually buy a book, and discovers exactly five reasons she purchases new reads.

17 Comics Under 130 Pages You Totally Still Have Time to Read in 2017

The year is coming to a close, but there's still time to read these 17 comic books under 130 pages. Let the comics reading marathon begin!

50 DIY Reading Challenges to Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Reading Life 

50 ideas for trackable, DIY reading challenges. From the serious to the silly, these challenges are sure to enrich your reading life.

The Most Useful Stats from My 2017 Reading Spreadsheet

For our spreadsheet nerds out there: here are the most interesting stats one reader tracked this year.