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Kristen McQuinn

Kristen McQuinn is a medievalist who dreams of reading more, writing more, and traveling more while being the best single mama by choice she possibly can be. By day, she can be found working with English teachers at the University of Phoenix, where she also teaches the occasional class on mythology, Shakespeare, or Brit lit. Sometimes she updates even her own blog. Follow her on Twitter:@KristenMcQuinn or  Twitter: @KristenMcQuinn

Audible App Adds Car Mode!

Audible adds a "car mode" to its app, increasing button size for people who don't have Bluetooth in their cars.

What We Learned About Writing from Non-Writing Books

For National Day on Writing, Rioters share lessons they've learned about writing from books that aren't about writing.

Inbox/Outbox: October 6th, 2017

What books did you acquire (inbox) and finish (outbox) this week?

Arrr, Ahoy Me Hearties! Books for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

There best not be landlubbers here because it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, and we're celebrating with nautical jargon and these pirate-themed books!

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100 Must-Read Medieval Historical Fiction Novels

A list of must-read medieval historical fiction novels set in Japan, the Middle East, England, and more.

“The Heart and Stomach of a King” – A Few Things You Might Not Know About Elizabeth I

In memory of Elizabeth I on her 484th birthday, here are a few lesser known facts about The Virgin Queen, and a selection of works written about her.

PBS is Searching for The Great American Book

A new eight-part PBS series will search for American's favorite book.

One Daily Schedule in Book Titles

A reader's schedule, spelled out with book titles.

Books for Young Horse Lovers

One reader remembers her favorite childhood horse books.

Literary Tourism: Phoenix Metro Area, AZ

The bookish spots worth checking out in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area.

14 Of My Favorite AMERICAN GODS Quotes

It's never a bad time for literary quotes.

Abelard and Heloise in Historical Fiction

Books to read about the star-crossed medieval couple Abelard and Heloise

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What one reader learned about her daughter after they listened to an audiobook together.

Big Damn Heroes – A Few Books for Fans of Firefly

Books for fans of FIREFLY.