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Kory Cerjak

Learn About Wine Through Manga

Learn about wine through the manga Drops of God.

WITCH CRAFT WORKS: Crafting a Story of Witches

Kory takes a close look at the crafting of a story of witches in WITCH CRAFT WORKS.

Embracing Nerdiness in GENSHIKEN

Kory talks about embracing his own nerdiness through the manga series GENSHIKEN.

Take a Bite Out of FOOD WARS

Why should you read FOOD WARS? Kory takes a look at this amazing food shonen manga.

The Best Comics of January–June 2016

Panelteers choose their best comics of far. You won't want to miss these!

An Introduction to Classic Manga

Kory gives readers an introduction and brief recommendations for classic manga.

Friendship and Love in MY LITTLE MONSTER

Looking for an absorbing tale of friendship and love? Try MY LITTLE MONSTER.

A Quick Guide to ONE PIECE

One Piece has been running almost a nonstop since 1997, and sits at 81 volumes over 825+ chapters. I’m here to try ...

The Comedy Manga of Vertical Comics

There aren't a lot of pure comedy manga, but Kory's found a couple of titles he likes from Vertical Comics.

From TOUCH to CROSS GAME: The Manga of Mitsuru Adachi

Kory discusses why he loves the manga of Mitsuru Adachi and sports manga more generally.

The Difficulties of Long Distance Relationships

Relationships are some of the hardest, yet most fulfilling, things in life. Not just relationships between a significant other, like ...

Josei Manga: Comics Aimed at Women

It seems like so much manga is aimed at girls and teenagers, but there is manga aimed at women, called josei manga.

Ai Yazawa’s Josei Manga: Comics Aimed at Women

Let's discuss josei manga, or manga that is aimed at women.

An Introduction to Classic Manga

Manga, as we know and love it today, arguably started in 1946 with Osamu Tezuka’s first manga publication, Mainichi Shokokumin ...

Astronauts, Vikings, and Makoto Yukimura

I’ve seen the vast reaches of space, I’ve visited a human-made base on the moon, I’ve lived among Vikings in ...