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Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer has lived her whole life in New York City and yet somehow still hasn't been asked to join the Avengers. When not at her academic publishing day job, or trying to make every movie into a musical through sheer force of will, she bakes, cleans her apartment obsessively, and writes feverishly into the night. She blogs about superhero TV, tween pop culture, and Disney at Jess's (Somewhat) Grown-Up Type Blog. She knows an unnecessary amount of things about Donald Duck. Blog: Jess Plummer Twitter: @Jess_Plummer

Fashion Disasters: Jericho

Time to take a look at another fashion disaster! This time, we're watching Joey Wilson, a.k.a. Jericho, fail on the runway.

The Greatest Green Arrow Villain of All Time

The story of Green Arrow villain Professor Million, the mathematics professor who became a bank robber to fund his students' scholarships.

Roughing It: The Appeal of Survivalist Kids’ Books

Scrounging up berries and spearing fish. Roughing it in the wilderness. What is it about survivalist books for kids that's so appealing?

The Case for Rereading Ramona as an Adult

Take a drip down memory lane — or in this case, Klickitat Street — with a reader who reread the Ramona books as an adult.

Where to Start With Green Arrow

Celebrate the 80th anniversary of the debut of the Emerald Archer with this guide to the expansive world of Green Arrow comics.

Who’s Who in the Green Arrow Family

With the announcement of a 100-page 80th anniversary special featuring the Emerald Archer, let's get to know the Green Arrow family.

The Day Children’s Literature Died

What happens when the Censor Ship sails up to shore and claims some problematic kids' books? Enjoy this poem and find out.

Fashion Heroes: Beast Boy

Explore the fashion disasters and missteps of one shapeshifting hero known as Beast Boy in this installment of Fashion Heroes.

DC’s Infinite Frontier Is Still a Boys’ Club

New boot, same problems. DC's Infinite Frontier reboot is looking like another boy's club with little rep for marginalized people.

In Your Satin Tights, Fighting For Your Rights: A History of Wonder Woman’s Costumes

We're taking a look at the history of Wonder Woman's costumes, spanning the past 80 years, in both comics and on the screen.