Jessica Avery

Jessica is a recovering MA student, still trying to find a way to make her trained brain forget some of its rigid academic parameters. Unable to move her study of romance novels to the PhD level she turned instead to blogging about them. Constantly. Until she finds that dream book job she's surfing an administrative desk, and wracking her fingers at the keyboard writing about the books she loves.

20 Dragon Shifter Romances to Light Your Fire

On a quest for more paranormal romance--perhaps something with a little fire? Fans those flames with these sexy dragon shifter romances.

Cat Sebastian’s Romances Being Re-Released as Paperbacks for Barnes and Noble Promo

The books of Cat Sebastian, beloved author of LGBTQ historical romances, will be re-released in paperbacks as part of a June promo with Barnes and Noble.

120+ Stephen King Short Stories and Where to Find Them

That’s right. 120 Stephen King short stories, and then some. One. Two. Zero.

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How Geek & Sundry's Critical Role Dungeons & Dragons experience (and bananas phenomenon) was responsible for returning one reader to the fantasy genre.

Conservatives Threaten to Burn Berkeley Bookstore

Conservatives, one in a Trump hat, threatened to burn down a left-wing bookstore in California.

5 Figure Skating Romances for Your 2018 Winter Olympics

Whether the Winter Olympics offers a rare moment for you to become a figure skating aficionado, or you're a lifelong fan of the sport, might we recommend a few figure skating romances so hot they'll melt the ice?

10 Pop Culture Cookbooks to Tickle Your Tastebuds

Pop culture cookbooks from Game of Thrones, the Sopranos, (gulp) Hannibal, and more.

Native American Romance Novels by Native Authors

They're few and far in between, but that isn’t to say that Native American romance novels by Native authors, don’t exist. Here's some of the best options from authors like V.S. Nelson and Evangeline Parsons Yazzie.

Feminist Romance Novels from #RomanceNovelsforHillary

A list of recommendations for feminist romance novels from the romance community, collected from the #RomanceNovelsforHillary thread on Twitter.