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Jessica Avery

Jessica is a recovering MA student, still trying to find a way to make her trained brain forget some of its rigid academic parameters. Unable to move her study of romance novels to the PhD level she turned instead to blogging about them. Constantly. Until she finds that dream book job she's surfing an administrative desk, and wracking her fingers at the keyboard writing about the books she loves.

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Even if your book is about a far-off fantasy land, you need to read the relevant nonfiction. And yes, there is relevant nonfiction for you.

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At its heart, dark romance books are a catalog of our deepest fears, allowing us to experience things beyond our scope of knowing.

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Netflix Greenlights Series Based on Leigh Bardugo Books

Netflix has ordered an eight-episode series combining Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels SHADOW AND BONE and SIX OF CROWS.

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