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Jeffrey Davies

Jeffrey Davies is a professional introvert and writer with imposter syndrome whose work spans the worlds of pop culture, books, music, feminism, and mental health. In addition to Book Riot, his writing has appeared on HuffPost, Collider, PopMatters, Spectrum Culture, and other places. Find him on his website and follow him on Twitter @teeveejeff and Instagram @jeffreyreads. He is also the co-host of a Gilmore Girls podcast, Coffee With a Shot of Cynicism.

FROG AND TOAD Knew I Was Gay Before I Did

I don’t believe I “knew” I was gay until I was a teenager. I didn’t have the language. Except maybe I did, by way of Frog and Toad.

How Books About Books Get Me Out of Reading Slumps

The appeal of books about books goes beyond the obvious love for literature. One writer explores what how meaningful they can really be.

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Which books bought their way onto The New York Times Best Seller list and how did they get away with it?

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These are the best ways to find cheap discount books, both in person and online, to give your bank balance a bit of time to catch up.

Inside Judy Garland’s Long Lost Book of Poetry

You may know her from her acting career or her singing, but Judy Garland was also a poetry lover (& writer!).

Susanna Kaysen’s GIRL, INTERRUPTED at 30

Reflecting on GIRL, INTERRUPTED on its 30th anniversary.

Healing My Relationship With Self-Help Books

I had foolishly fallen for the capitalistic belief that all I needed to do to fix my life was find the perfect book, TV show, movie.