James Wallace Harris

James Wallace Harris is a retired computer guy. Jim dreamed of writing science fiction in his social security years, but discovered he loved writing essays more. Life is short and novels are long. He’s written over a thousand essays for his blog Auxiliary Memory. Jim wrote about science fiction for SF Signal before it folded, and now for Worlds Without End. BookRiot gives him the opportunity to write about all the other kinds of books he loves. Finally, he has all the time in the world to read and write, but he never forgets poor Henry Bemis. (Who also found time enough at last, until an evil Twilight Zone fate took it all away.) Twitter: @JimHarris28

Coloring With Audiobooks

On the double-meditative nature of coloring while listening to an audiobook.

The Revelation of Authors’ Faces

A reader sees visualizations of his favorite authors over time, and realizes how his reading life has changed.

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Two works of self-improvement nonfiction that might help you!

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Are bookworms responsible for bookstores closing?

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How the book version of Hidden Figures gets history right where the movie often does not.

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Does reading really affect a person's political beliefs?

Adulthood and The Fading Appeal of Our Favorite Book Series

Does growing older mean our favorite books and series eventually lose their magic?

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One reader on his addiction to buying books and how he isn't sure he'll be able to stop.

What To Read After Watching The OA

Books about heaven, skepticism, logical fallacies, and more for fans of the show THE OA.

Wisdom of Lists: Best Nonfiction 2016

One reader calculates which works of nonfiction landed on the most "best of" lists in 2016!

What Do You See When You Read?

On the mental images we see when we read, from a reader with aphantasia, which is sometimes call mind blindness.

2016 Books About Non-Human Minds

The best books of the year about animal and artificial consciousness.

Music History on the Cheap

Get your music history on with these cheap, cheap e-reads.

Reading With Spotify

Reading about music history while listening through it on Spotify.

Bible Study for Atheists

Why the Bible is worthy of study no matter your religious background, and a list of resources!